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Heads up, St. Joseph, Branch, Macomb, Oakland and St. Clair Counties...

.....  an EIS on a new pipeline project...
for Tri State Pipeline....

[Federal Register: September 23, 1999 (Volume 64, Number 184)]
[Page 51536-51537]
>From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [wais.access.gpo.gov]



Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
[Docket Nos. CP99-61-000, CP99-62-000, CP99-63-000, CP99-64-000]

TriState Pipeline, L.L.C.; Notice of Availability of the Draft 
Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed TriState Pipeline 

September 17, 1999.
    The staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or 
Commission) has prepared a draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) 
on the natural gas pipeline facilities proposed by TriState Pipeline, 
L.L.C. (TriState) in the above-referenced dockets.
    The DEIS was prepared to satisfy the requirements of the National 
Environmental Policy Act. The staff concludes that approval of the 
proposed project, with appropriate mitigating measures as recommended, 
would have limited adverse environmental impact. The DEIS also 
evaluates alternatives to the proposal, including system alternatives; 
route alternatives; and minor route variations, and requests comments 
on them.
    The DEIS addresses the potential environmental effects of the 
construction and operation of the following facilities in Illinois, 
Indiana, and Michigan:
    &lt;bullet&gt; About 2.8 miles of new 30-inch-diameter interconnect 
pipeline for the Alliance Interconnect (1.5 miles) and the Northern 
Border Interconnect (1.3 miles) in Will County, Illinois;
    &lt;bullet&gt; About 146.8 miles of new 30-inch-diameter pipeline in 
Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan extending from Joliet, Illinois in Will 
County to White Pigeon, Michigan in St. Joseph County. About 32.6 miles 
would be in Illinois, 108.0 miles would be in Indiana, and 6.2 miles 
would be in Michigan;
    &lt;bullet&gt; About 66.0 miles of 36-inch-diameter pipeline looping the 
existing Consumers Energy Company (Consumers Energy) and Michigan Gas 
Storage (MGS) systems in Michigan in three segments: the Branch County 
Loop (24.0 miles), the Oakland County Loop (23.4 miles), and the Macomb 
County Loop (18.6 miles);
    &lt;bullet&gt; About 12.1 miles of 24-inch-diameter pipeline from 
Consumers Energy's existing St. Clair Compressor Station in St. Clair 
County, Michigan, to the United States (U.S.)-Canadian International 
Boundary in the St. Clair River;
    &lt;bullet&gt; One new compressor station (Joliet Compressor Station) 
with 30,000 horsepower (hp) in Joliet, Illinois and upgrade Consumers 
Energy's existing St. Clair Compressor Station with 18,570 hp of 
additional compression;
    &lt;bullet&gt; Four new meter/regulating stations including two in Will 
County, Illinois, one in St. Joseph County, Michigan, and one in St. 
Clair County, Michigan;
    &lt;bullet&gt; 23 new mainline and crossover valves; and
    &lt;bullet&gt; Lease of 450 thousand decatherms per day (Mdth/d) of firm 
pipeline capacity on the Consumers Energy and MGS systems between White 
Pigeon, Michigan and Consumers Energy's existing St. Clair Compressor 
    In addition, TriState requests in Docket No. CP99-64-000 a 
Presidential Permit to construct, operate, and maintain facilities at 
the International Border between the U.S.-Canadian International 
Boundary in the St. Clair River near Marine City, Michigan. TriState's 
border facilities would connect TriState's proposed U.S. facilities 
with Canadian facilities owned by TriState's Canadian affiliate, 
    The purpose of the proposed project would be to transport 650 Mdth/
d of natural gas from the Chicago Hub near Joliet, Illinois to points 
in Michigan and Canada. Of the 650 Mdth/d, 200 Mdth/d would be 
delivered to Consumers Energy's White Pigeon delivery point in 
Michigan. The remaining 450 Mdth/d would be transported to the Dawn Hub 
in Ontario, Canada.

Comment Procedures and Public Meetings

    Any person wishing to comment on the DEIS may do so. To ensure 
consideration prior to a Commission decision on the proposal, it is 
important that we receive your comments before the date specified 
below. Please carefully follow these instructions to ensure that your 
comments are received in time and properly recorded:
    &lt;bullet&gt; Send two copies of your comments to: Secretary, Federal 
Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First St., NE, Room 1A, Washington, 
DC 20426;
    &lt;bullet&gt; Label one copy of the comments for the attention of the 
Environmental Review and Compliance Branch, PR-11.1;
    &lt;bullet&gt; Reference Docket No. CP99-61-000; and
    &lt;bullet&gt; Mail your comments so that they will be received in 
Washington, DC on or before November 8, 1999.
    In addition to written comments, we will hold four public meetings 
in the project area to receive comments on the DEIS. All meetings will 
begin at 7:00 p.m., and are scheduled as follows:
    October 20, 1999--University Park, Illinois, Engbretson Hall, 
Governors State University, Governors Highway and Stuenkel Rd., (708) 
    October 21, 1999--Walkerton, Indiana, Urey Middle School Cafeteria, 
407 Washington Street, (219) 586-3184.
    October 20, 1999--Pontiac, Michigan, Pontiac Northern High School, 
Little Theater (S. Parking Lot), 1051 Arlene Avenue, (248) 857-8460.
    October 21, 1999--Sturgis, Michigan, Sturgis Young Civic Center, 
201 N. Nottawa, (800) 778-7437.
    Interested groups and individuals are encouraged to attend and 
present oral comments on the environmental impact described in the 
DEIS. Transcripts of the meetings will be prepared.
    After these comments are reviewed, any significant new issues are 
investigated, and modifications are made to the DEIS, a Final 
Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) will be published and distributed 
by the staff. The FEIS will contain the staff's responses to timely 
comments filed on the DEIS.
    Comments will be considered by the Commission but will not serve to 
make the commentor a party to the

[[Page 51537]]

proceeding. Any person seeking to become a party to the proceeding must 
file a motion to intervene pursuant to Rule 214 of the Commission's 
Rules of Practice and Procedures (18 CFR 385.214).
    Anyone may intervene in this proceeding based on this DEIS. You 
must file your request to intervene as specified above. You do not need 
intervenor status to have your comments considered.
    The DEIS has been placed in the public files of the FERC and is 
available for public inspection at: Federal Energy Regulatory 
Commission, Public Reference and Files Maintenance Branch, 888 First 
Street, NE, Room 2A, Washington, DC 20426, (202) 208-1371.
    A limited number of copies are available from the Public Reference 
and Files Maintenance Branch identified above. In addition, copies of 
the DEIS have been mailed to Federal, state, and local agencies, public 
interest groups, individuals who have requested the DEIS, newspapers, 
and parties to this proceeding.
    Additional information about the proposed project is available from 
Paul McKee in the Commission's Office of External Affairs, at (202) 
208-1088 or on the FERC Internet website (www.ferc.fed.us) using the 
``RIMS'' link to information in this docket number. Click on the 
``RIMS'' link, select ``Docket #'' from the RIMS Menu, and follow the 
instructions. For assistance with access to RIMS, the RIMS helpline can 
be reached at (202) 208-2222.
    Similarly, the ``CIPS'' link on the FERC Internet website provides 
access to the texts of formal documents issued by the Commission, such 
as orders, notices, and rulemakings. From the FERC Internet website, 
click on the ``CIPS'' link, select ``Docket #'' from the CIPS menu, and 
follow the instructions. For assistance with access to CIPS, the CIPS 
helpline can be reached at (202) 208-2474.
David P. Boergers,
[FR Doc. 99-24803 Filed 9-22-99; 8:45 am]

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