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E-M:/ Re: CAFO report on feeding meat animals

Enviro-Mich message from "Jen Pozniak" <pozniakj@semcog.org>

I really think the general public's mindset is so engrained in the "we are American's, we must eat meat", it does not even cross their minds that not eating meat is an answer to this problem.  It is THE answer to the problem.  You can have all the laws, policies and BMP's you want regarding CAFO's and their resultant manure lagoon pits, but the fact remains, ALL those animals confined to a small area still exist, and ALL that waste produced by those animals still exists.  It is impossible to not have any environmental impact from that.  

Jen Pozniak

>>> Chris Anderlik <anderlik@traverse.com> 09/29/99 12:02PM >>>
Jen--meant to answer sooner, but you have THE answer.  Stop eating the
animals--its bad for the environment, bad for health and really bad for the
animals.  You're right, all reports suggest everything else but that.

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