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Re: E-M:/Chlorine Free Paper

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


Unfortunatley, the destruction of forest ecosystems in Michigan does not end 
with the production of chlorine free paper products. 

As you may recall, Jim Muiener, Timber Staffer with the Ottawa US Forest 
Service, confesses that nearly 90 percent of the trees (forest ecosystems and 
endangered species habitat) coming off the Ottawa National Forest go towards 
the production of paper products. 

Regardless of the figure, there is no reason, other than PROFIT$$ to a few, 
to continue logging forest ecosystems for paper when so many alternative 
fibers (flax, agri-waste, cotton, hemp, elephant grass and other perennials, 
etc.) exist. 

Ask any average small woodlot owner or contractor in Michigan's UP if they 
are logging for pulp, or if it is possible to compete with Louisiana 
Pacific's insatiable, and incessant deforestation operations. (If you really 
wanna see forest destruction, check out LP's Northern Division north of 
Crystal Falls, MI.)

All of our national and state forests in Michigan have been largely converted 
to aspen and pine farms.  

We are fighting to save some of the very last and recovering forests slated 
for destruction. The Forest Service continues cutting in WILD AND SCENIC 

Our first goal should of course be use/consumption reduction and lifestyle 
change. Second, or simultaneously, a phase out (NO NEW MILLS) of tree and 
forest conversion by a forest products industry which has, with the Forest 
Service and DNR's help, destroyed vast tracts of our natural native heritage. 
They have conditioned generations of people into thinking tree farms are good 
for society. The Forest Service says so in their forest plans and in their 

I propose that Michigan Conservationists, educators, cultural centers, and 
corporations embark on a TREE FREE challenge. Give your group or association 
or institution one year to be completely tree free!! 

Recycled paper still requires virgin pulp. It also has to have inks and 
coverings separated, which produces toxic sludge.

Information on where and how to purchase tree free paper forthcoming!! 

For the Wild,

Murray Dailey


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