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E-M:/ The window is open!

Russell Harding opened a window on destruction of the goals of the DNR and the DEQ when he granted the backlotters off Higgins Lake with a 20 slip pier.  In that "legal" decision he overrode his own adminstrative law judge and the courts.
The appellate court opened a window for developers whens it reversed the decision in the case of the DNR v Chalet du Paw Paw.  The DNR maintained that the condominium development must have a marina permit for the numerous boat slips required for the existing keyholing (funneling) situation.  That view was upheld by the circuit court and reversed by the appellate court.
Now comes the ignominious developer's mind to covet those windows of opportunity.  On Paw Paw Lake, Berrien County, a golf course owner/site condominium developer, has chosen to add new slips to his new marina (it has not yet been used) after agreeing to limit the number of slips to twenty-eight.  The windows of opportunity are open for flambouyant expressions of greed, avarice and total disregard for the environment and the riparian rights of others.
Both of these issues smell.  A good start would be the removal of Russell Harding from office, and then Engler.  He and Engler have avoided common sense and scientific integrity to create misuse of Michigan's environment in the name of economic development.
How can we stop these two?