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E-M:/ Great Lakes Water Levels

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Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 14:03:43 -0700
To: enviro-mich@great-lakes.net
From: Reg Gilbert <reg@glu.org>
Subject: Come to hearings to protect Great Lakes water levels
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Come to Great Lakes Water Levels Hearings!

Dear enviromichers,

You have probably heard a great deal over the last year about threats to
Great Lakes water levels, either due to the recent drought, or during the
August release of an important report on threats to Lakes water quantities,
or due to last year's proposal to export water from Lake Superior.

If this issue concerns you, these next two weeks you have an opportunity to
make a difference. The International Joint Commission, which advises the
U.S. and Canadian governments on Great Lakes environmental matters, wants
to hear what citizens think about threats to the level of water in the
Great Lakes.

Hearings closest to Michigan:

Detroit, Michigan, Tuesday, October 12, 7-10:00 p.m.
Hotel Pontchartrain, 2 Washington Boulevard, (313) 965-0200

Gary, Indiana, October 19, 1999, 7-10:00
Marquette Park Pavilion, 1 N. Grand Blvd., (219) 938-7362

Specifically, the six members of the commission, who are appointed by the
president of the United States and the prime minister of Canada, want to
hear what people think about its recent draft report, in preparation for
revising and strengthening the final product next February.

The commission is a unique government body. It is very independent, has a
history of making ground-breaking recommendations for government action,
and often really listens to citizen opinions. But its draft report was not
that great (visit www.glu.org for our analysis), and Great Lakes residents
can help strengthen the final report by telling the commissioners so. We
need the commission to forcefully recommend strong government action in the
three main areas threatening Great Lakes water levels:

1. Bulk export of Lakes waters
2. Large-scale diversion of water out of the Great Lakes basin, and
3. Climate change.

-  Bulk water export deals allowed by the government today may set
precedents that we have to live with forever.

-  We need strong policies immediately to fend off the large-scale water
diversion proposals that will inevitably be made by water-short areas such
as the U.S. Southwest.

-  And we have to start now if we want to have any impact on the forces
that are causing climate change, which the U.S. National Atmospheric and
Oceanographic Administration currently estimates will reduce Great Lakes
water levels three feet by the year 2050.

Consider taking a look at the full text of the International Joint
Commission's report. It is only about 40 pages long and contains a great
deal of fascinating information about the Great Lakes water cycle. You can
find the full report at:


Please try to come to the hearing, even if you do not want to address the

See you at the hearing!


Reg Gilbert
Communications Coordinator
Sustainable Waters Field Coordinator


(716) 886-0142, fax: -0303

Great Lakes United
Buffalo State College, Cassety Hall
1300 Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo, NY, 14222


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