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E-M:/ The Cynic on Sen. Horton getting up close and personal with hog waste.....

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

I saw this comment from a prominent senator today on the
Senate's passage of legislation to prevent local zoning
from interfering with siting hog hotels, chicken condos
and other confined animal facilities......Like those
ones in North Carolina that brought on phisteria in the
rivers and the chicken farms in Ohio that cause swarms
of uncontrolled flies.

"The (farming) climate here stinks,"  said Sen. Philip
Hoffman (R-Horton).   "I'd rather have the smell of a
farm next to me than the smell of those who vote
against this bill."

....Such a great contribution to the issues debate
from Senator Phil!!!

The factory farm  promotion guys from the Farm Bureau  (you know....those
great folks that spread polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) all over the state 
their Farm Bureau Services subsidiary) want to make
exclusive use of publicly held air and water resources by promoting
"confined animal facilities."   They want to put them where ever
they want with no questions asked and no remedies
available.     Where is the balance in that???    All that
Hoffman and the Farm Bureau really want is to promote big business
agriculture that really doesn't have anything to do with
small farmers, despite all of the whining from Sen. McManus.

Sounds like agricultural fascism to me....

What Sen. Hoffman and his co-conspirators are really promoting
is the establishment of large animal waste lagoons full of
antibiotic resistant bacteria throughout the state and
subsequent human exposure  through spray irrigation, runoff and disposal of 
these biological
toxicants  (just as long as they do it the way Michigan State
University does in the name of "generally accepted agricultural

Of course MSU's generally accepted agricultural practice is to regularly 
hog waste aroma therapy on East Lansing and Okemos when they dump waste south
of MSU.    Those Governor's Club developers can hardly wait for the
opportunity to build $250,000+ homes and a golf course so they
can be first in line downwind of MSU animal sewage dumping
on just the other side of Hagadorn Road in East Lansing.   Go figure!!

Of course the MSU/Republican/Farm Bureau/Drug Company/Big
Agriculture complex just needs enough rope to hang itself as the
occurrence of food-borne antibiotic resistant bacteria-caused
poisoning incidents increase.

A recent article in Science News indicates that these concentrated
feedlot and confined animal facilities are the largest source of antibiotic
resistant bacteria and that it is now common to find such bacteria
in both waterways and wildlife.

But....I guess John Dingell is right....occasionally the Republicans
have to get into power so the public can finally understand just
how bad they can be.....why even George W. Bush can't even
stand his own right wing....   too bad Bill Milliken was the exception
rather than the rule.....  But hey....let's remember that George
W. Bush is no Bill Milliken with the State of Texas being number
one in toxic emissions in the country and grandfathered emissions sources
with no permits and no state of the art controls.

So lets add it up.....  Michigan Republicans think the most
important environmental issue is road kill on the highway
and ensuring that the largest numbers of Michigan citizens will be
exposed to the stink and biological hazards of factory
agriculture.   Their breathren that control the Congress
want to be sure that nuclear weapons proliferate as much
as possible by blocking the anti-proliferation treaty and that you can't 
sue your HMO if you come
down with an antibiotic resistant infection and they don't want to
treat you properly for it.

Meanwhile, Michigan House and Senate Republicans,
having nothing else better to do,
are tryng to ravage Attorney General
Jennifer Granholm's  authority to issue opinions that
affect the environment and to litigate
on behalf of the best interests of the people of Michigan
and their environment.

Behind the scenes John Engler's environment and agriculture directors
are mostly concerned with keeping EPA Region 5 inspectors
from addressing water pollution from current factory farms,  and
not wanting to spend environmental bond money
to address serious water pollution problems from
human sewage on Candace Miller's Lake St. Clair/Macomb County
home turf....This must be John Engler's secret plan to tip the
Republican primary to that pencil-neck geak, Dick Posthumus (let's
not forget his role in the Michigan Senate in greasing Engler's
abolition of the environmental boards and commissions).   This
must be Engler payback for Miller's refusal to fall on her sword by not
challenging environmentalist Congressman David Bonior
after Miller's husband was rewarded with a circuit court judgeship.
That Engler certainly is a vindictive SOB, isn't he?

However, it could just be John Engler's equal opportunity plan for
environmental contamination for both human AND animal
industrial sewage.....

Looks like we're sitting ducks here in Michigan from
a Milwaukee-style cryptosporidium outbreak in drinking water

....so it goes in the formerly "great" lakes state......


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