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>i suppose that it is the role of the cynic to imagine the worst about
>everything, but i would like to pick up on one element in the message . . .
>Of course MSU's generally accepted agricultural practice is to regularly
>conduct hog waste aroma therapy on East Lansing and Okemos when they dump
>waste south of MSU.
>as farmers in temperate zones have done for many centuries, the msu farm
>managers spread manure on the fields in the fall after the crops are
>harvested and in the spring before the crops are planted . . . the manure is
>then incorporated into the soil, so that the nutrients (especially phosphate
>and nitrogen) do not run off the fields in the fall rains and the spring
>snowmelt . . . this recycles the nutrients back to the land (rather than
>imposing the burden on landfills or other forms of waste disposal),
>increases the fertility of the soil, and diminishes the need for synthetic
>so, it is not entirely clear to me what is the point of the cynic's comment

The part about  "the manure is then incorporated into the soil" is either
a fiction or very misleading.

I have personally observed a number of occasions when either animal waste 
and/or solids have been spread on MSU fields and it just sits there with
absolutely no attempt to plow or disk in these wastes to the soil.   For
application of liquids, it then kills off most of the surface vegetation by 
This is the type of cheap-method application that causes the most emissions
and transport of animal waste odors.

It is quite feasible to quickly plow/disk in these materials, or to run a 
big wheels subsurface
injection apparatus, but this is somehow not the floor for generally accepted
agricultural practices.   In practice, however, much of this activity can 
only be
done during a few limited times in the growing year, if at all, on standing 

PS....by the way....I  made a mistake in the title...it is actually Sen. 

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