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Dear friends,
  You are invited to a public forum on land use
	Oct. 18
	7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
	Flint, Michigan
	Mott Community College
	Mott Memorial Building Auditorium
	1401 E. Court St.

  Speakers are

Darren Bagley, MSU Extension
	"Conservation information available to landowners and developers"

Jay Blair, NRCS
	"Technical services for landowners and developers: soil survey,
	septic tank siting, plugging abandoned wells, groundwater stewardship, and
	wetlands protection"

Dr. Janice O'Neal, Dept. of Political Science
	University of Michigan-Flint and
	Mott Community College
	"Environmental justice and brownfield re-development"

David Jaroch, teacher
	"How to get factual information out"

Janice Littlefield, business owner
	"How to work with a local planning commission"

After the 15-minute presentations, time has been allowed for questions
from the floor.

	This program has been arranged by the Flint Area League of Women
Voters, the Michigan League of Women Voters, and the Mott Community
College Ecology Club.

	The Frey Foundation generously donated funds to underwrite this
public forum.

	The Michigan League of Women Voters will hold
three more public forums on land use in the next few weeks.

	For more information on the Flint area public forum, please call
Chris McNally, Flint Area League of Women Voters, (810)232-8690 or Karen
Griggs, (810)762-9500 x 5785.

	For more information on the other forums in Traverse City Nov. 4
Kalamazoo Dec. 6, and Cooper Co (date to be announced), please contact
Terry Gill, Natural Resources Chair, Michigan League of Women Voters, 8168
Bricker Rd., Greenwood, MI 48006 (810)387-3379 or Cheryl Collins (248)
853-6233 <huronecologic@juno.com>.

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