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E-M:/ Turn up the heat on Sen. Levin!

Enviro-Mich message from "Liz Godfrey" <lizgodfrey@prodigy.net>


Yesterday I sent an update concerning the Interior Appropriations battle and
the anti-environmental riders still attached to the bill.  I mentioned a
letter that is circulating among Senate Democrats asking President Clinton
to veto any legislation that contains anti-environmental riders.  The letter
will be closing TODAY and Senator Levin is NOT among the signers.  Let's
turn up the heat on Senator Levin and get him to ask Clinton  for the veto.
We need Senator Levin's help in safeguarding our nation's key environmental
laws!  Some of these riders are eerily familiar- Timber Salvage comes back
as "Forest Health".  (Attached is a list of titles the environmental
community has given the riders on the Senate version.)

Thanks for all your help!

Liz Godfrey
Midwest Federal Organizer
GREEN-the GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network
(608) 294-1338
"The extinction of species is the folly our descendants are least likely to
forgive us."
--E.O. Wilson
1) Sec. 117: Allow Grazing Without Environmental Review
2) Sec. 124:  Special Deal For Washington Grazing Interests
3) Sec. 133: Give Away 2,500 Acres of Public Land in Nevada for Development
4) Sec. 135: Prevent Restoration of Glen Canyon and the Colorado River
5) Sec 136: Expand Exemption for Fur Dealers to Include Internationally
Protected Species
6) Sec. 138: Delay Efforts to Reduce Noise Pollution in the Grand Canyon
7) Title II: Increase Timber Subsidies for the Tongass National Forest
8) TITLE II: Lead Mining in Ozark National Scenic Riverways
9) Sec. 320:  Delay National Forest Planning
10) Sec 325:  Divert Trail Fund for "Forest Health" Logging
11) Sec. 327:  Tongass Red Cedar Rider
12) Sec. 328:  Prevent Grizzly Bear Introduction
13) Sec. 329:  Undermine Science-based Management of National Forest and
Bureau of Land Management Lands
14) Sec. 334:  Stewardship and End Result Contracting Demonstration Project
15) Sec. 336:  Weaken 1872 Mining Law
16) Sec.  338: Delay Critical Land Acquisition
17) Sec. 342:  Allow The Oil Industry To Continue Underpaying Royalties
18) Sec.  341: Block Energy Efficiency Programs
19) Expands Research on Forest and Rangeland Productivity Resulting in
Reductions or Terminations of Critical Wildlife, Fish, Water and Air
20) Fund Unnecessary and Damaging Powerline through Tongass
21) Imposes Strict Reporting Requirements on Climate Change Control Programs

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