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E-M:/ Friday Talk of the Nation....on interstate pollution issues

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

This alert will be of interest to citizens in Michigan on whose behalf the 
Administration is suing to block enforcement of the clean air act to
deal with transported air pollution from Michigan and other midwest states
that affects smog in the Northeastern U.S.

A buddy just called me to let me know that National Public Radio's
Talk of the Nation program is running a promo for Friday (10/15) at 3 PM 
on a show that will deal
with interstate air pollution on its second one hour Talk of the Nation 
"Science Friday"
segment.    The national call-in number is (800) 989-8255

I finally got the following off of their web site....at

October 15, 1999:

Hour Two: Trans-boundary Air Pollution

This week, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer threatened several New 
York power plants with
lawsuits forcing them to cut emissions. Spitzer's announcement comes on the 
heels of New York plans to
bring suit against seventeen midwestern power plants, seeking reductions in 
ozone, VOC (volatile organic
compounds) and NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions.

The issue of trans-boundary air pollution has long been a contentious
one between northeastern states and states in the midwest. Canada
also has accused the U.S. of polluting its airspace with emissions
from cars, factories, and power plants. The basic problem is simple
-- some places say that pollution in their area really is coming from
emissions in other areas. But the story surrounding the issue is more
complex, involving the economics of power production, the text of
the Clean Air Act (which exempted some power plants from having
to install pollution-gobbling scrubbers) and the meteorology of air
flow above the U.S.

Are the air pollution problems in the Northeast really the fault of
companies in the west? What's a bigger factor in creating air
pollution, factories or cars? And who should be responsible for
cleaning up the air? We'll try to clear the air on this hour of Science

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