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Enviro-Mich message from WMEACJENNY@aol.com

West Michigan Environmental Action Council will be having their annual 
meeting  where Amory Lovins will be the speaker.  I will include some details 
about the Amory below.  The new CEO of Grand Rapids' Interface, Rich Kroko, 
will introduce the speaker. 

The dinner and meeting is Tuesday evening on November 2 at the Crowne Plaza 
in Grand Rapids.  The cost is $25 for dinner and program.  If you would like 
to attend, let me know and I will forward an invitation to you.  
Alternatively,  send a check to me with your contact details and I will 
forward a ticket by snail mail to you.


Jenny Allen 
West Michigan Environmental Action Council
1432 Wealthy SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Biographical sketch of Amory Lovins

Amory B. Lovins is a 51-year-old American consultant physicist who has been 
active in energy policy for over twenty-five years in many different 
countries, including 14 years in England.  Lovins began his undergraduate 
education at Harvard. After two years he transferred to Oxford as a graduate 
student.  Two years later he became a don at age 21, receiving an Oxford MA 
and eventually six honorary doctorate degrees from U.S. universities.  He has 
been a Regents' Lecturer at the University of California in Energy and 
Resources and in Economics.

Since 1979, Lovins has worked as a team with his wife and colleague Hunter, 
who is a lawyer, sociologist, political scientist and forester.  In 1982 the 
Lovinses founded the Rocky Mountain Institute ( RMI ) at Snowmass Colorado, 
an independent nonprofit resource police center that fosters resource 
efficiency and global security.  As RMI Director, Lovins manages a staff of 
40 and an annual revenue exceeding $2 million.  

Lovins has advised such firms as Royal Dutch /Shell Group, Norsk Hydro, 
Westinghouse, Phillips and Merit Petroleum, CIBA-Geigy, Xerox, Bank of 
America, Allstate, Equitable, Prudential, Shearson Lehman Amex, and the big 
three automakers.

An internationally known energy expert, Lovins has advised eight heads of 
state and is the author or co-author of more than twenty books and numerous 
articles.  His latest book, Natural Capitalism, with co-authors Hunter Lovins 
and Paul Hawken, has just been published.  

Lovins is also advisor to the National Association of Regulatory Utility 
Commissioners, American Institute of Architects, IBM Environmental Research 
Program, and GM Advanced Engineering on ultralight-hybrid "supercars".

Dr. Alvin Weinberg, ex-Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has called 
Lovins " surely the most articulate writer on energy in the world today."  
Newsweek  called him "one of the western world's most influential energy 
thinkers."  The Wall Street Journal   named him among 28 people in the world 
"most likely to change the  course of business in the 1990's."

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