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E-M:/ FW: Greenways plan gets boost ---- Detroit Freep front page!!!

The Southeast Michigan Greenways Initiative has been chosen the Michigan 
Millenium Legacy Trail, the only one in the state to receive such a
designation (each state nominates 1 trail for designation).  Nancy Krupiarz,
director of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy of Michigan, is in DC today at a
White House ceremony with First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton announcing the
millenium trails.  The Free Press carried an article and an editorial on
greenways in today's paper; and Heath Meriwether's Publisher's Piece on
Sunday will also talk about the importance of greenways to the ecological
and economic well-being of southeast Michigan.
Tom, Anne, Nate and Pete Woiwode
5088 Powell Road
Okemos, MI 48864

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Subject: FW: Greenways plan gets boost ---- Detroit Freep front page!!!
Date: Thu, Oct 21, 1999, 11:36 AM

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Subject: Greenways plan gets boost ---- Detroit Freep front page!!!
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 11:29:51 -0400
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Greenways in the news...Nancy Krupiarz is in Washington DC with the First
"The Southeast Michigan Greenways Trail, an initiative that began in 1990,
will be named the state's Millennium Legacy Trail today at a White House
ceremony hosted by Hillary Rodham Clinton."

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<H2><!-- headline -->Greenways plan gets boost <!-- endheadline --></H2><P><H3><!-- endheadlineb -->White House recognition will make it easier to raise money <!-- endheadlineb --></H3><P><!-- pubdate --><I>October  21, 1999</I><!-- enddate --><P> <P><P><!-- header: {SLGREEN{FRNWS{DP{PD1021{LI{WE{ED1{PGA1{VE04{BYDSHINE
%endheader --><P>
<P><!-- TX --><P>
<P> <!-- TX --><P>
<P> <P>
<P><!-- photocredit: <P>
<P> RICHARD LEE/Detroit Free Press<P>
%endphotocredit --><P>
<P><!-- cutline: <P>
<P><b>Katie Macom of Rochester Hills, left, and Katie Wick of Lake Orion take a walk on Paint Creek Trail in Rochester. The greenways plan would link trails and land in seven area counties.<P>
<P> <P>
<P>%endcutline --></b></i></i></i></h1></h2></font><!-- TX --><P>
<P><a href="mailto:dshine@freepress.com"><b><!-- byline -->BY DAN SHINE<!-- endbyline --></a></b></b><br><font size="1" face="helvetica,arial"><!-- affiliation -->FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER<!-- endaffiliation --></font><p> <P>
<P></b></b></b></b></i></i></i>The architects of an ambitious plan to connect hundreds of miles of trails and green spaces through seven southeast Michigan counties -- from pastoral settings in St. Clair County to the industrial hub of Detroit's riverfront -- will now have a bit more clout when they go looking for funding.<P>
<P>The Southeast Michigan Greenways Trail, an initiative that began in 1990, will be named the state's Millennium Legacy Trail today at a White House ceremony hosted by Hillary Rodham Clinton.<P>

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No money is awarded with the Millennium Legacy Trail designation, but it will give the project more ammunition when applying for state and federal funds. More than $30 million is needed to implement the initiative.<P>
<P>"We need visibility to raise money," said Nancy Krupiarz, director of the Michigan chapter of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. "Our No. 1 appeal will be for the money it takes to fund it and the money it takes to operate it."<P>
<P>In the next 10 years, organizers of the greenways plan hope to purchase land and construct trails. When it is completed, trails and green space from St. Clair, Macomb, Oakland, Livingston, Washtenaw, Wayne and Monroe counties would be connected.<P>
<P>The initiative will connect a system of trails and green spaces through southeast Michigan. The trails will twist and turn, transporting users through tree-lined parks and picturesque small towns, along suburban roadways and into an urban medley of manufacturing plants, skyscrapers and a waterfront views. "We have a lot of in-line skaters and bikers frustrated that they're stuck in traffic heading up north," Krupiarz said. "They'd like to be able to have trails closer to home instead of driving miles and hours away. We have great resources here and great assets here.<P>
<P>"We should be able to open these up."<P>
<P>When completed, the initiative would not be one long sidewalk so people could skate from St. Clair to Monroe counties. Instead, the network would consist of paved bike paths, wood-chip trails and stretches of green grass.<P>
<P>The proposal would use metroparks and state recreation areas as hubs and then purchase land or convert old railroad tracks to connect existing trails such as the Metropolitan Parkway bike path in Macomb County, Paint Creek and Polly Ann trails in Oakland County and LakeLands Trail near the border of Livingston and Washtenaw counties.<P>
<P>Backers of the greenways initiative say that implementing the trail project will help attract and retain a modern workforce that wants recreational opportunities and a way to interact with nature close to home.<P>
<P>A big part of the greenways plan is to make the land along the Detroit River more accessible for recreational use. According to Krupiarz, the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy group is trying to be more active in urban areas.<P>
<P>"The majority of the population lives in urban areas," Krupiarz said. She said this initiative helps make a city more livable.<P>
<P>Jim Stone of the Friends of the Detroit River said paths and trails are vital.<P>
<P>"They serve many purposes," he said. "One is health. There would be an opportunity to walk and ride bikes to battle obesity and high blood pressure. And if people get out more, it builds community. People meet neighbors and walk in groups."<P>
<P>Krupiarz concedes that freeing up enough land to put in trails along a river dotted with factories and businesses is daunting.<P>
<P>"The riverfront will be a real challenge," she said. "That's why we need money, governmental influence and leadership influence to make this a reality."<P>
<P>Gov. John Engler, who nominated the Southeast Michigan Greenways Trail for the Millennium Legacy Trail tag, said the "teamwork of the constituencies and partnerships involved in this project truly represents the essence and spirit of Michigan."<P>
<P>As evidence of this collaborative spirit, U.S. Rep. John Dingell, a Democrat from Dearborn, is leading a meeting next week among local and state leaders from Downriver communities to explore implementing a greenways system in that area.<P>
<P>Krupiarz said she thinks a network of connecting trails and green spaces winding through several communities also will build better relationships among municipalities.<P>
<P>"It will lay the foundation of working out problems regionally," she said.<P>
<P></b></b></b></b></i></i></i> <P>
<P></b></b></b></b></i></i></i> <P>
<P><b>DAN SHINE </b><i>can be reached at 313-223-4554 or <a href="mailto:dshine@freepress.com">dshine@freepress.com</a></b><i>.<P>
<P><!-- ENDTX --></b></i></i></i></h1></h2></font><P>

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