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E-M:/ Cadillac Tire Burning Permit in a Fatal Skid...

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

This concerns a well attended MDEQ public hearing concerning a wood burning
power plant near Cadillac that wants to burn tire derived fuel.   EPA
Region V has since determined that the plant's best available control
technology determination is not approvable despite MDEQ's intent to
propose approval of burning tire-derived fuel without scrubbers to control
sulfur dioxide emissions....something allowed at many other wood burning
plants in the state.

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From: "Joyce & David Petrakovitz" <petroart@michweb.net>
To: "Alex Sagady" <ajs@sagady.com>
Subject: Hearing CRE AQ permit
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 23:20:12 -0400
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         Since you helped me so much ,and showed some interest in this
I thought you might like to know how the hearing went.
Our turn out was over 200. A great cross section of the population
of concerned residents, 56 made public comments. I would say
95 % came out in favor of scrubbers and denying the permit,most
who weren't were from CRE.

The DEQ held a Q & A session before the hearing. With so many people
I didn't get answers to many of my questions. I can only say the DEQ
did not look good during this part. They failed to have answers to
key questions about where they had monitored air quality in our
community,or for any place remotely near Cadillac. They had claimed
no other facility could be found that was similar to CRE and burning tires,
  when in fact one had been mentioned in the CRE permit application.
It is in Florida and owned by Decker International, the same company that owns
CRE, duh! They also claimed ignorance to the two compliance violation letters
for too many tires on site from their own solid waste division. I jogged
their memory a bit by waving them about.

New info was passed out in the beginning stating that they had to throw out
the SO2 and particulate test data, it was not conducted correctly. They plan
to use Hillman data instead I think. It wasn't clear what would happen with 
The company just in the last week submitted new costs for BACT. The EPA
( Eton Weiler) said the new info didn't appear to help their case, still 
unsubstantiated. Community comments though mostly non-technical were
very well thought out and presented in a dignified manner. Some people were 
eloquent and it was surprizing how many different issues were addressed.
Well, now we wait to hear what the decision is. Also it was reveiled during
the Q & A that the McBain plant had gotten their new permit with increased
amounts of TDF but had decided to ask for half their original amount to stay
under their present permit emissions amount of 250 SO2. It seems to me that
to get that limit they would still have gone through a PSD review. I 'm 
still checking
on that. In fact I may encorage some McBain people to FOIA Viking's permit 
If they consider the turn out and comments heavily in the decision I think we
have a very good chance for a denial.

Joyce Petrakovitz
Cadillac Citizens for Clean Air

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