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E-M:/ Small Grants available from TNC

Enviro-Mich message from cclampitt@tnc.org

The Michigan Chapter of The Nature Conservancy announces its SMALL GRANTS 
PROGRAM for scientific research in support of CONSERVATION BIOLOGY.

The Nature Conservancy is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated 
to the protection and management of ecologically important lands.  In 
Michigan, the Conservancy has helped protect more than 63,000 acres of 
high-quality natural land.  It manages 39 nature preserves, encompassing 
nearly 17,000 acres and supporting an array of natural systems from Great 
Lakes shores to upland woods and prairies.

The Small Grants Program is designed to encourage scientific research that 
will assist the Chapter in the protection and management of rare species and 
communities in Michigan, especially those occurring on Conservancy preserves.  
Suitable research topics include the basic biology of rare species; innovative 
methods of managing and monitoring populations or communities of interest; 
ecology, effects, or control of invasive species; the role of key ecological 
processes or the physical environment (e.g., soils, drought, fire, fluctuating 
water levels) on the distribution and success of rare species and communities; 
and the effects of habitat fragmentation on ecosystem and community dynamics. 

A committee selected by the Chapter's science staff will evaluate the 
proposals on the following criteria:
1.	scientific merit;
2.	the rarity of the species or community to be studied;
3.	relevance of the research to the maintenance of the species or 
community; and
4.	relevance to the Conservancy's efforts to preserve and manage 
natural areas in Michigan.

Publication of project results is encouraged.  The Nature Conservancy should 
be acknowledged in publications or presentations derived from studies funded 
by this program.  

A complete announcement, including guidelines for submission of proposals, is 
available from Sara Ross, The Nature Conservancy, Michigan Chapter, 2840 East 
Grand River Ave., Suite 5, East Lansing, MI 48823.  Applications should be 
postmarked by 10 December 1999.  Awards will be announced by 22 February 2000. 
 Researchers are encouraged to consult with Christopher Clampitt, at the above 
address, by telephone (517) 332-1741 or via e-mail (cclampitt@tnc.org), to 
determine whether their research interests meet Conservancy objectives before 
submitting a proposal.  

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