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* Sign-ons needed by Friday Oct. 29th
* Please distribute widely
Enviro-Mich folks:

I strongly encourage you to join the National Wildlife Federation and many 
others in signing the attached letter to Congress in support of permanent 
conservation funding legislation.  Now is the time to demonstrate the very 
deep and diverse support that this issue enjoys across the 
nation.  Significant permanent funding for Michigan wildlife is at stake.

As many of you know, Congress is now considering several important 
legislative proposals that  would use revenue from offshore oil and gas 
drilling to reinvest in programs that benefit our nation's natural and 
cultural resources.  State wildlife programs, the Land and Water 
Conservation Fund (LWCF), coastal and marine conservation efforts, historic 
preservation, urban parks, and a variety of other programs would 
benefit.  This legislation would ensure that the unfulfilled promise of the 
Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) would not only be met, but surpassed.

We are at a crucial point in the legislative process.  To make permanent 
conservation funding a reality, it is vital that Congress hear now from the 
diverse array of interests who care about protecting our natural and 
cultural environment.

Please join us in this effort to pass an historic conservation bill by 
signing your organization on to this letter and circulating it broadly so 
that other like-minded organizations might add their names as well.  We 
have deliberately kept the letter brief and the message simple so that it 
can be embraced by as many organizations as possible.  The letter will be 
sent to every Member of Congress and leading officials in the Administration.
Please contact Krista Koberlein at (202)797-6894 or koberlein@nwf.org by 
Friday October 29, 1999.  She will need the name and location of your 
organization, as well as the name and title of the individual representing 
your organization.  If you have questions about the legislation, please 
contact Sara Barth at (202)797-6666 or barth@nwf.org.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mark Van Putten
President and CEO
National Wildlife Federation
November 1, 1999

United States Senate/House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.  20510

Dear Senator/Representative:

As the twentieth century draws to a close, Congress has a rare opportunity 
to pass landmark legislation that would establish a permanent and 
significant source of conservation funding.  A number of promising 
legislative proposals would take revenues from non-renewable offshore oil 
and gas resources and reinvest them in the protection of renewable 
resources such as our wildlife, public lands, coasts, oceans, cultural 
treasures, and outdoor recreation.  Securing this funding would allow us to 
build upon the pioneering conservation tradition that Teddy Roosevelt 
initiated at the beginning of the century.

The vast majority of Americans recognize the duty we have to protect and 
conserve our rich cultural and natural legacies for future generations.  A 
diverse array of interests, including sportsmen and women, 
conservationists, historic preservationists, outdoor recreationalists, the 
faith community, business interests, state and local governments, and 
others, support conservation funding legislation because they recognize it 
is essential to fulfill this obligation.

We call upon you and your colleagues to seize this unprecedented 
opportunity.  Pass legislation that would make a substantial and reliable 
investment in the conservation of our nation' s wildlife, public lands, 
coastal and marine resources, historic and cultural treasures, urban and 
rural parks, and open space.  Design a bill that provides significant 
conservation benefits, is free of harmful environmental impacts to our 
coastal and ocean resources, and does not unduly hinder land acquisition 

An historic conservation funding bill is within our grasp.  It will be an 
accomplishment that all can celebrate.  We look to Congress to make this 
legislation a reality.


Return this form so it can be received no
later than October 29th

Krista Koberlein: Conservation Funding
National Wildlife Federation
Office of Grassroots Action
1400 16th Street NW
Washington, DC  20036
FAX 202/797-6646

Yes, please add my organization's name to the list of organizations signing 
the group letter to Congress and the Administration in support of permanent 
conservation funding legislation.  I am authorized to submit this signature 
on behalf of my organization.

ORGANIZATION'S NAME: _____________________________________

SIGNATORY'S NAME: _____________________________________

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ORGANIZATION'S PHONE NUMBER: _____________________________________

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