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E-M:/ ALERT: License Plates for environmental programs

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

ALERT: Critical Wildlife Habitat License Plate Bills Hearing
SB 180 and SB 770
Senate Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee
TUESDAY - October 26 at 1 P.M.

Hearings are coming up this week in both the Senate Natural Resources and
Environmental Affairs Committee (TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26 AT 1 P.M., 8th Floor
Conference Room, Farnum Building) on two bills sponsored by Senator George
McManus which would create a "Critical Wildlife Habitat License Plate".  This
bill is one of a package of 5 license plate bills supported by Secty of State
Candice Miller last year.  Many other license plate bills are being bantied
about as well -- two are scheduled for hearing in the Senate Transportation
and Tourism Committee on Wednesday (Children's trust fund and veteran's

RUMOR has it, however, that there may be a move by the Engler Administration
to use the passage of the Critical Wildlife License Plate to EXTINGUISH the
"LOOK FOR THE LOON", Non-Game Check-off on the Income Tax Form in Michigan!!!
Aside from the fact that the bills McManus has offered will be for acquisition
of habitat, not for the research and management activities currently funded by
the Non-Game Checkoff, with all the competition for license monies, there is
little expectation that such a plate will make anywhere near enough money to
off-set the amount voluntarily donated by people on their Income Tax forms

Since we don't know the full story on this at the moment, it is difficult to
tell how best one might respond -- contacting the Chair of the Senate Natural
Resources Committee, Senator Ken Sikkema, (800) 774-1174 -- and letting him
know that you may support a license plate, but NOT IF IT BEING TRADED OFF WITH
do the trick.

Sorry for late notice, but this is the insane world of your Legislature at
Word these days!

Anne Woiwode

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