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E-M:/ Fw: EPA Hearing by House Ag Committee on TMDLs and CAFOs

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I have forwarded this email message from Clean Water Network for your
information.  Take a look at the list of "witnesses" in this the latest
biased hearing on environmental protection laws being held by the
republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives.  This time, the "Trash Can
Republicans" are once again working to ensure that their campaign
contributors in the factory farm business get what they paid for.

Too bad Michigan citizens have state bureaucrats in their environmental
protection agencies who are actively working against critically needed
watershed-based water quality standards.  One must wonder if Michigan
citizens were stuck with the bill for sending DEQ employees to D.C. to
testify in favor of weakening Clean Water Act standards?

David J. Zaber

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Sent: Friday, October 29, 1999 1:07 PM
Subject: EPA Hearing by House Ag Committee on TMDLs and CAFOs

> Yesterday, some of us in D.C. attended the House Agriculture committee
> hearing on EPA's new regulatory programs affecting agriculture.
> The purpose of this hearing was to beat up EPA over its proposed TMDL and
> regs on the premise that EPA is overstepping its authority to regulate
> sources.  The hearing lasted over two hours.  Very little time was spent
> CAFOs, most of it was spent on TMDLs. (The witness from MI went after CAFO
> the rest of the witnesses (except Fox) went after the TMDL regs. There
were no
> sympthetic Reps. on the committee.  All witnesses and questions from the
> of Congress were critical of the regs.
> Witnesses were:
> Rob Olszewski from the American Forest and Paper Association, and a member
> Rob Barrett, a cotton and grain farmer from TX, and a member of the TMDL
> Chuck Fox, Asst. Admin. Office of Water, USEPA
> Glenda Humiston, Deputy Under Secretary, USDA
> Ron Jones, TX Institute for Applied Environmental Research
> Arthur Nash, Michigan DEQ
> Copies of the witness' testimony is available on the web at:
> http://agriculture.house.gov/hearings/testimony.htm
> If you read the witness' testimony, you'll get a pretty good sense for
what to
> expect out of the public comment process and from the witnesses invited to
> Senate EPW hearing, if it goes ahead as originally scheduled next week.
> this point, the EPW  committee hasn't announced yet if the hearing will be
> postponed or not.)
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> >The U.S. House Committee on Agriculture web site
> http://agriculture.house.gov     has additional information on this and
> other subjects.
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