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-From Kelly Thayer, Michigan Land Use Institute


Here's some information regarding the PROPOSED insterstate highway (I-73) between Jackson, Michigan, (on through the Irish Hills) and Toledo, Ohio.

U.S. 223 already makes most of this connection. And certainly improving U.S. 223 to address safety and congestion issues would be a more conservative approach than carving a new highway through southern Michigan.

This could save money by literally building on the existing investment of hundred of millions of dollars already poured into the U.S. 223's pavement. It would better protect the environment, and it would ease congestion rather than inviting more traffic. (Motorists already drive nearly 100 billion miles a year on Michigan's roads. Yes, Billion.)

An additional idea is to build a commuter train link between Toledo and Detroit, and connect it with the high-speed rail corridor being fine tuned now to speed up travel from Detroit-Ann Arbor-JACKSON-Battle Creek-Kalamazoo- and on to Chicago.

Terry Lodge is helping run a coalition in the Toledo area focussed on better ideas than a new interstate. He can be reached here:(419) 255-7552, tjlodge50@yahoo.com

And I can be reached at the address at the end of this message.

Here's a state Department of Transportation press release from today with a link to its PROPOSED I-73 web site...

For Immediate Release: November 2, 1999

Contact: Kari Debnar MDOT Communications 517-373-2160
E-Mail: Debnark@mdot.state.mi.us

I-73 Study Information Now on The Internet
Detailed project information for proposed freeway now available on MDOT's www site

To learn more about the proposed I-73 freeway in South Central Michigan, including history and meeting schedules, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), along with our consultant, The Corradino Group, has added a new tool - the Internet.

The address of this new informational web site is:

Recently, MDOT began an 18-month study that will examine the feasibility and possible location of a new highway stretching between Toledo, Ohio and Jackson, Michigan. This feasibility study will result in recommendations for the location and type of highway improvement based on travel demand, safety, economic development and environmental concerns.

Information now available through the Internet further explains the goal of this study, as well as provides background on the entire I-73 proposal.

Since public participation is a crucial part of the process, the site will also inform citizens of the next meeting times and locations. During the study phase, regular public meetings will be held.



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