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Re: E-M:/ GOOD news for once

Enviro-Mich message from Chad Bailey <crbailey@umich.edu>

Let me suggst a reason fo rthe recent attempts by state GOP lawmakers to
curtail local control over faming hazards:  it stems from the underlying
political philosphy of the Republican Party that the best determinant of
social organization is the market.  Far gone are the GOP days of defending
federalism for the sake of local control and governmental accountability.

The current vogue in GOP enviornmental policy is that economic devlopment
provides a higher quality of life than environmental protection.  More
insidious is the philosophy by some right-wing libertarians and Wise-Users 
that environmental policy as it regards public resources should be taken
out of the public sector, where democratic forces can shape the outcome of
resource use.  They insist that not LOCAL, but PROPRIETARY control of
resource management will lead to the type of sociewty they want to see (it
probably will, but utopia's another question...)

Wealth creation by the upper echelons of the wealth, it is asserted, will
at some point in the far-imagined future, lead to job creation and a
resource base for investment in enviornmental protection (for such
arguments that are not so biased as I portray them, check out

Let me not condemn all Republicans with their free-market brethren (and a
few sistren).  The US government, after all, is the single biggest
polluter (military) in the US.  Left libertarian that I am, I see the need
for limited governmental authority... but this should not remove decision
making from locals.

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