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E-M:/ Speaker Perricone holds Forum on SB 205 NEXT TUESDAY

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org


Below is a press release put out today by Speaker Chuck Perricone's office on
a "town hall meeting" he is hosting in Kalamazoo NEXT TUESDAY EVENING (Nov. 9)
to "hear from Kalamazoo Co. residents on Right to Farm."

The event is entitled the "Speaker's Forum on Right to Farm" which would
indicate that folks beyond the boundaries on Kalamazoo County might well be
able to express their opinions as well. I would CERTAINLY hope they wouldn't
turn away the 100 people who came to speak at the hearing in the House
Committee last week but who were not allowed to speak!

Unfortunately, the panel for the event is not exactly what one might
characterize as "balanced" in terms of point of view.  No environmental
organizations have been invited at this point, even though the overwhelming
issues associated with the controversy on SB 205 are public health and the

This seems to strongly suggest the bill will not be up in the full House next
Tuesday at very least!  We understand that there are negotiations still being
pursued between the Farm Bureau and the Michigan Twps. Association after the
MTA Legislative Committee shot down the proposed compromise last Monday.  No
details are available on those discussions.  

Anne Woiwode


News Release: House Republican Communications Services
For immediate release  November 4, 1999

Speaker Perricone wants to hear from Kalamazoo Co. residents on Right to Farm

House Speaker Chuck Perricone, R- Kalamazoo Township, will hold a town hall
meeting Nov. 9 to discuss the Right to Farm issue currently before the state
Legisla ture.

The Speaker's Forum on Right to Farm is from 7 to 9 p.m. at Western Michigan's
University Fetzer Center. The roundtable will focus on concerns surrounding
Senate Bill 205, a bill strengthening the 1981 Right to Farm Act. SB 205
helps reduce regulatory burdens on farmers by restricting local government
from passing tougher ordinances than those provided in state law.

"Michigan's family farms are disappearing at an alarming rate," Perricone
said, "However, the Right To Farm bill must be written to protect those farms
that are operating within generally accepted, standards.  This forum will give
everyone an opportunity to share their thoughts on this issue."

Forum panelists include Perricone; Jack LaRose, executive director of the
Michigan Townships Association; Dan Wyant, director of the Michigan
Department of Agriculture; Vicki Pontz-Teachout, legislative liaison for the
Department of Agriculture; Ron Nelson, legislative Counsel for Michigan Farm
Bureau; and Gary Boersen of the Water Quality Division, Michigan Department of
Environmental Quality.

Western Michigan University is co-sponsoring the Speaker's Forum on Right to
Farm Issues.

For more information, call Perricone's Lansing office toll -free at


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