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E-M:/ Rider Crisis Alert! Calls needed today!

Enviro-Mich message from "Liz Godfrey" <lizgodfrey@prodigy.net>


I may appear to you as Chicken Little, but the sky really is falling.  Well,
not quite the sky, but possibly trees in Michigan's National Forests.  The
"Forest Health" rider would divert the road and trail fund to be used to
"improve forest health conditions".  It also represents a back door method
to fund more logging roads for salvage and commercial timber operations.
This means that logging companies could be further subisdized to log in the
Hiawatha, Ottawa, Manistee, and Huron National Forests right here in MI.
Another amendment would greatly undermine science based management of
National Forests.  This rider would attempt to provide the Secretaries of
Agriculture and Interior broad discretion during FY 2000 to choose whether
or not to collect any new, and potentially significant, information
concerning wildlife resources on the National Forest System or Bureau of
Land Management Lands prior to amending or revising resource management
plans, issuing leases, or otherwise authorizing or undertaking management

These riders and 25 others are attached to the Interior Appropriations bill
which some sources in Washington say is "one fax away" from a deal between
the White House and Republican leaders.  It is critical that we flood the
White House with phone calls asking President Clinton to VETO any
appropriations bill that contains anti-envrionmental riders, particularly
Interior.  We need to make it clear to him that there can be NO DEALs until
there are NO RIDERS.  These attacks on our nation's environmental laws are

Thank you for all of your help.  We are in the very final stages of this
fight.  It is essential that we get the message across TODAY, next week it
could be too late.

ACTION: Call President Clinton and urge him to VETO any appropriations bill
that contains anti-environmental riders, especially Interior Appropriations.
(202) 456-1414.

Liz Godfrey
Midwest Federal Organizer
GREEN-the GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network
(608) 294-1338
"The extinction of species is the folly our descendants are least likely to
forgive us."
--E.O. Wilson

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