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Hello anybody!

My name is Lester Brady, a member of the environmental group R.E.C.A.P.
(Romulus Environmentalists Care About People) in Romulus, MI.  We are
currently embroiled in a fight against a commercial hazardous waste injection
well, a nine year battle which has now gone to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Our group is in desperate need of support, both physically and financially.
Governor Engler has appointed a Site Review Board (a recommending body) to
address the issues of the "affected parties."  The introductory meeting was
last month and the next meeting is slated for November 29, 1999, at 7:00 p.m.
in the Romulus High School auditorium.  Given the fact that injected liquids w
ill migrate both laterally and vertically from the well site, the term
"affected parties" may include millions of people statewide.  We are
contacting as many residents and environmental groups as resources allow, but
need help in spreading the word about this issue and the upcoming hearings.
The Site Review Board (SRB) process will drag on well into the year 2000
before a recommendation is made to the DEQ Director.  As the years go by,
public apathy, worsening due to lack of advertisement, is threatening to
destroy the progress for which we have fought so hard.

Please assist us in spreading the word and if you know of any means by which
our organization (a registered nonprofit corporation) may attain additional
funding, you can e-mail me at VirtualUR2@aol.com.


Lester W. Brady

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