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E-M:/ Vigil for Transportation Options

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Subject: Grand Rapids Vigil for the Last Bus

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 >Subject: Vigil for the Last Bus
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 >Dear Tom,
 >  I am sending you more details for a vigil for mass transportation which
 >you probably are aware of, but I am sending just in case.
 >  Faith in Motion: A Coalition of religious organizations        working for
 >better mass transportation
 >  "Vigil for The Last Bus"
 >Monday, November 8 from 4:30-6:15PM
 >  Bank One Parking Lot (Ionia NW across from the Downtown Transit Center,
 >just south of the Michigan/Ionia intersection)
 >  4:30PM-5:00PM Those who wish may pass out transit leaflets to downtown
 >  5:30-6:10PM Hold the "Vigil for the Last Bus"
 >  6:15PM: those who wish may take the last bus home
 >Faith in Motion will be holding a vigil to commemorate the leaving of the
 >last bus at 6:15PM.  If you cannot make it to pass out leaflets at 4:30PM,
 >we ask that you gather at the Bank One parking lot by 5:30 for the vigil.
 >We need as many people as possible to come out to mark this event.
 >The Social Justice Committee urges you to join other members of the Grand
 >Rapids community in an effort to make known the needs of mass transit in our
 >area.  There will be a number of speakers at this event and a candelight
 >vigil for the leaving of the alst bus of the day.  THis is an opportunity to
 >inform other about mass transit needs and to learn more yourself.
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