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Enviro-Mich message from "Jim Fackert" <jfackert@cac.net>

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From: Tamilyn H. Sanderson
> Does anyone know what the environmental impact of the brine solution that
> released from water softeners?

There is a potassium salt marketed as K-life and another brand name, that is
much more benign.  Also, double ion exchange tanks with recycling based on
use rather than time use much less salt. I've had a Kinetico for fifteen
years and it still works great on K-Life.
The environmental impact on those who drink the tap water is important too,
and I guess you can have significant sodium intake from drinking soft water.
A special hard water tap for drinking and cooking is a good idea. Also,
garden hose bibs should be connected direct to hard water.
 I would be interested to hear from any biologist types on the environmental
impact of the two salts, and what the backwash water actually contains. How
much of the sodium or potassium washes through, and how much is "exchanged"
for the calcium, etc. in the hard water?

Jim Fakcert

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