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Enviro-Mich message from "Jim Fackert" <jfackert@cac.net>

Hi Mr. Boyd,

I'm excited to hear that you are talking with Amory Lovins, and that DTE
Energy has some involvement in renewable energy technology development.  I
am particularly interested in the home fuel cell as a very efficient way to
convert high grade energy to electric power and home heating, thus having
your cake and eating it too, while saving huge costs in infrastructure to
deliver multiple energy conduits to the home.  The existence of a parent
company that deals in energy in all forms, from solar to natural gas to
electricity, will really help to lower barriers to change from a "one
source" philosophy to a "best source" philosophy.

Judging from Detroit Edison's attempt to re-open an old coal fired power
plant earlier this year to provide "needed" extra capacity despite
potentially illegal emissions,  and from the lack of much if any visible
effort at promoting conservation and efficiency to abate increasing energy
demands, I think that DE is in dire need of some fast re-education on
Amory's concept of the Negawatt and it's valuable and profitable application
to the problem of increasing power requirements.

What are the current programs to move DE's efficiency and conservation
promotion and education forward?  Are DE decision makers involved in the
work group with RMI?

Is there any way the environmental community can help?  I think we can be
very useful in spreading the word about new technologies, strategies, and
education to increase personal and industrial energy efficiency.

Thanks for your reply. I would love to hear what you think of the book! I
have just begun reading it as well.


Jim Fackert

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From: Skiles W Boyd <boyds@dteenergy.com>

> Thank you for your interest in helping Detroit Edison ensure
> profitability and environmental protection into the 21rst Century.  I
> have already had a number of conversations with Amory Lovins and am
> presently reading his newest book, Natural Capitalism.  We are involved
> in a group working on sustainability issues with Amory.

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