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E-M:/ air-mail: Dirty energy - STOP INCINERATION SUBSIDIES

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I am posting this to the Michigan list because i believe it applies to
incinerators in Michigan. Specifically I am thinking of the Greater Detroit
Resource Recovery Authority in Detroit, and a facilty serving Grand Rapids
in Kent County. There may also be others. >X-From_:
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>Need letters and calls to Congress to stop this sneak attack by
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>Dear friends and colleagues,
>please respond and pass on to others who might do likewise.
>>From the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR)
>On October 29, a bill to extend the renewable energy tax credit for
>electricity generated from wind or plant matter was unanimously approved
>by the Senate.  Thatís the good news.  Unfortunately, there is bad news
>as well:  the bill expands the subsidy to include waste-to-electricity.
>Now is the time to let your legislators know that we must say YES! to
>renewable energy incentives and NO! to waste-to-electricity.
>Time is of the essence!  The House will likely vote on and pass their
>version of the bill to the Senate sometime in the next few weeks, a
>bill which does not include the renewable energy incentives.  The bills
>will then likely go to conference committee, at which time the different
>provisions will be discussed.
>To CALL your Representative or Senator, dial the U.S. Capitol
>Switchboard:  202-224-3121.
>To EMAIL or WRITE your Senator, go to:
>To EMAIL or WRITE your Representative to Congress, go to:
>Please cc the Institute for Local Self-Reliance at <bplatt@ilsr.org>.
>(Blind copies are fine.)
>A sample letter is included at the end of this alert.
>In 1992, as part of the Energy Policy Act, Congress included a tax
>incentive for electricity produced from wind or biomass.  The 1.5-cent
>per kilowatt-hour tax credit proved immensely useful in rapidly
>expanding the use of wind power in this country.  The tax credit expired
>in July 1999 and so far Congress has failed to extend it.
>The Tax Relief Extension Act of 1999 (Senate Bill 1792) would offer
>incentives to the burning of poultry manure, urban wastes and forestry
>materials in addition to wind and biomass.  To view the text of the
>legislation, go to: <http://www.senate.gov/~finance/mime4301.pdf.>
>If enacted, this would represent a step backward for the recycling
>movement.   We fought long and hard against garbage incinerators,
>ultimately convincing most policymakers that it makes better sense to
>recycle than to destroy.  The same argument applies here.  It is better
>to recycle manure back to the land and thereby capture its nutrient and
>organic matter value than to burn it for its Btu value.  It is better to
>recycle or reuse wood waste and thereby capture its fiber value than to
>burn it for its Btu value.  (For a fuller discussion of the poultry
>manure-to-energy issue, see Looking Before We Leap, an ILSR policy brief
>on the subject available in the Resources section of ILSRís Carbohydrate
>Economy web site at <http://www.carbohydrateeconomy.org.>)
>The issue is complicated, as everything tends to be in Washington,
>because the Senate bill that extends the renewable energy tax credit,
>sponsored by Sen. Bill Roth (R-DE), also contains the troublesome
>waste-to-electricity modifications described above.  The proposed House
>tax bill, sponsored by Rep. Bill Archer (R-TX), however, offers no
>incentives for any type of renewable energy.  Thus, to many
>environmentalists, endorsing the waste-to-electricity provisions seems a
>necessary compromise to gain support for extending the renewable energy
>tax incentives.
>We hope such a tradeoff need not occur.  This is a moment for the
>recycling community to weigh in on both sides of this issue.  We should
>put our numbers and influence behind emphatically saying YES! to
>renewable energy incentives.  And just as emphatically saying NO! to
>waste-to-electricity.  Please contact your Senator or Representative to
>do so.
>Here is a sample letter:
>Dear Senator xxxxx [or in the case of Representative, Dear Mr., Mrs., or
>Ms. xxxxx]:
>I am writing to urge you to extend the lapsed wind and biomass energy
>tax credit.  Promoting renewable fuels is a worthy goal of public
>policy.  Expanding the definition of renewable resources to include
>waste materials such as poultry manure and urban waste, however, is not.
>The government should not subsidize one form of waste management (e.g.
>incineration) over other forms (e.g. recycling).
>Please extend the wind and biomass energy tax credit without including
>waste-to-electricity incentives.  I urge you to eliminate the
>modifications for waste-to-electricity and to work toward establishing
>economic tools that instead encourage waste reduction, reuse, and
>[name and address, if appropriate, organization]
>cc:  Brenda Platt, Director, Materials Recovery, Institute for Local
>Brenda A. Platt
>Director, Materials Recovery
>Institute for Local Self-Reliance
>2425 18th Street, NW
>Washington, DC  20009
>Ph (202) 232-4108  fax (202) 332-0463
>Web:  <http://www.ilsr.org>
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