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E-M:/ Senator Abraham's at it again


It looks like Michigan Senator Spencer Abraham is at it again.  This time, instead of working overtime to gut environmental laws, Spencer is now supporting Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel's sham campaign reform bill.  Today's New York Times characterized Senator Hagel's phony bill in an editorial:
"The caps would be a step backward, legalizing donations from corporations (outlawed in 1907) and from unions (outlawed in 1947). Another loophole in Mr. Hagel's bill would allow unlimited donations to state parties for use in federal elections."
The editorial continues with:
"What is actually going on is that pressure is building on wavering Republicans to break the filibuster engineered by Mr. McConnell and Trent Lott, the Senate majority leader, to thwart the majority support in the Senate for the McCain-Feingold bill. That pressure has led George Voinovich and Mike DeWine of Ohio, along with Spencer Abraham of Michigan and Craig Thomas of Wyoming, to back Mr. Hagel's bill, apparently hoping that their constituents will be fooled."  (emphasis added)
You can view the full article on the New York Times website: http://www.nytimes.com/yr/mo/day/editorial/18thu2.html
David J. Zaber