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Enviro-Mich message from Terry Link <link@MAIL.LIB.MSU.EDU>

I encourage Lansing area residents to follow the advice of almost Dr. LeRoy
Harvey, Urban Options leader, Bailey Scholar and all around sustainable
guy's advice below. He's taught me much about energy over the past 10 years
and his head and heart are in the right place. Go Green, Board of Water and

Terry Link, Librarian
Chair University Committee for a Sustainable Campus
Adjunct Faculty, Bailey Scholars Program
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From:	LeRoy Harvey [SMTP:leroy@urbanoptions.org]
Sent:	Thursday, November 18, 1999 3:16 PM
To:	Terry Link
Subject:	Go Green Power

The Lansing Board of Water and Light will consider their staff
recommendations for green power on Tuesday, Nov. 23 at their main office in
Lansing. Under consideration are 4 proposals: 1 wind, 2 biomass (a cow
manure-methane and wood chip option) and natural gas-fuel cell option.

Among these options, wind is usually considered "greener." Biomass typically
would come in 2nd (next to wind, solar, efficiency, and geothermal in some
states). Natural gas technologies come in 3rd (cleaner than coal but dirtier
than renewables and efficiency). Unfortunately, the greenest option,
efficiency, is not in the running.

Without seeing the proposals, I encourage people to:

1.	Commend the Board and Staff for exploring green power 
2.	Encourage them to include wind in the mix 
3.	Encourage them to continue and expand this effort 
4.	Encourage them to aggressively pursue efficiency among future green
power options.

The meeting will be held on November 23 at 5:30pm 1232 Haco Drive (1st room
on the left inside the main entrance). Haco is just north of the Zoo off
Pennsylvania Ave. in Lansing.

People can also e-mail comments to the Board c/o MES@LBWL.com
<mailto:MES@LBWL.com>  or write to the Board c/o Mary Sova, BWL, Box 13007,
Lansing, MI 48901.

LeRoy Harvey

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