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Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 08:37:38 -0600
From: Christopher Schoenherr <cs9081@wepco.com>
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Subject: WE's Energy for Tomorrow in Michigan
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Noel Cutright was kind enough to forward your message on our recently
approved plan to offer our Energy for Tomorrow™ Renewable Energy Program
to our Michigan customers.  Thank you David for your kind words.  I'd
like to take this as an opportunity to reach out to the environmental
advocacy community in Michigan.

Energy for Tomorrow™ is one of the largest "green pricing" programs in
the country.  We have over 11,000 residential customers and a growing
number of business customers participating here in Wisconsin.  Based on
our recently signed contracts, our power supply for the program includes
wind, landfill gas and small independently owned Wisconsin-based hydro.
Wisconsin Electric's ratebased hydro facilities are not included.  75%
of the capacity serving the program are "new" renewable facilities.

The Minergy plant in Neenah Wisconsin does not provide energy to the
program.  However, it is considered "green" in Wisconsin and the output
from the plant is sold to another Wisconsin utility to meet its share of
the 1998 50MW state renewable mandate.  While Minergy does have a few
critics in Wisconsin, it has a significant number of supporters.
Creating a useful product, reducing landfill activities and creating
energy from a renewable source makes a great deal of sense to us, and to
many of Wisconsin's citizens.

Several years ago we formed an advisory panel for the program made up of
WE staff, local clean energy advocates and real, live Energy for
Tomorrow™ customers.  Since this is market-based, customer driven
product, we have listened to the input this panel (as well as our other
Energy for Tomorrow™ customers) has provided and are offering a product
that is ever evolving.  We would welcome participation in this panel
from our Michigan customers and/or clean energy advocates.  This
presents some logistical challenges (we typically meet in Milwaukee),
but I suspect we can find solutions to those challenges.

Energy for Tomorrow™ has changed our relationship with the State/local
environmental advocacy groups.  Prior to Energy for Tomorrow™, this
relationship might best be described as chilly.  We have worked together
on this program and that success has crossed over to other issues.  We
don't agree on every issue.  However, we can be on the opposite side of
the table and either respectfully disagree, or engage in very productive
negotiations.  When we find ourselves on the same side of the table,
together we are a powerful force for productive change.

Obviously we run Energy for Tomorrow™ like a business.  One effective
means of attracting customers to the program has been work with local
environmental groups.  That can be in the form of endorsements (as David
have so kindly provided) or in joint marketing activities through
newsletters and other marketing activities.  We welcome those

A word of caution on that.  Good PR is critical and there are many
worthwhile projects and efforts that deserve funding.  However, in this
case it needs to directly result in attracting and retaining Energy for
Tomorrow™ customers.  We achieve our objectives as a business, and the
objectives we share with our clean energy advocacy partners of expanding
the use of renewable energy only when we move more product.

I've attached my card and welcome input.  I've copied Michael, Keith and
Ben on this note so they know what I'm up to, but also so you can
communicate with the clean energy advocates we have worked in Wisconsin.

We are happy to bring Energy for Tomorrow™ to Michigan, excited about
the prospects and look forward to working with you to build on its


Chris Schoenherr
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