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E-M:/ Fw: Stop the FreeLogging Agreement! Call 800 number

Hey there,
Please Call Senators Levin (MI), Today and Ask him to Sign Anti-GFLA Letter
Today, Friday, November 19, is the last day for Senators to sign Senator  Barbara Boxer's (D-CA) letter to President Clinton opposing the "global free  logging agreement" (GFLA).  see www.americanlands.org for more information on the agreement and what it will do to forest protection laws.
Please call Senator Levin today at 800-648-3516.

Ask for the Legislative Assistant who handles the Environment and ask him or her to advise the Senator tosign Senator Boxer's letter to President Clinton opposing attacks  onforests and forest protection measures at the World Trade Organization

November 23: National Call-in Day to Vice President Al Gore
There are now just eleven days remaining until the WTOs 135 member countries meet  in Seattle to write new international trade and investment agreements, including the  GFLA.  You have done a tremendous job in letting the President know you oppose this attack on the worlds forests, but the Administration is still intent in signing away forest protection laws and increasing logging at the WTO Ministerial meeting.

It is time for one last push to let the Administration know that we want President Clinton to take forests off of the chopping block at the WTO.

On Tuesday, November 23, join forest activists from around the country and call Vice President Gore at 202/456-2326.  Ask him to tell Preside
nt Clinton to drop the GFLA at the WTO because it is bad for forests and bad for biodiversity.