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E-M:/ Governor Engler's Never Ending Failure to Protect Michigan's Environment

Enviro-Mich message from "David Zaber" <dzaber@chorus.net>


Thanks to Terry Miller for his comments in this article on Harding's
irresponsible decision on PCB cleanup.

URL: http://bc.mlive.com/news/index.ssf?/news/stories/19991118pcbaga$02.frm

 This is a worthwhile article to peruse. Engler's decision not to clean up
the PCBs (why focus on harding when its Engler's call) is simply another
slap in the face to Michigan citizen's and the environment.

Here is a hypothesis on what may be happening in Michigan:

Corporate shills like Engler and Co. work overtime to thwart sound
environmental policies.  This results in more pollutants like PCBs entering
the human food web.  The added exposure causes children to have lower IQs
and other neural problems.  The result? Another potential republican
politician for Michigan's future.......  (note I did not say Republicans,
only Michigan republican politicians - Most Republican citizens do care
about the environment)

David J. Zaber

[Readers may be interested in the following additional reference that
presents data relating blood levels of PCBs in humans as it relates to
amounts of fish and waterfowl consumed in diet. ]

Blood PCB, p,p'-DDE, and mirex levels in Great Lakes fish and waterfowl
consumers in two Ontario communities. Kearney JP; Cole DC; Ferron LA; Weber
P. Environ Res, 1999 Feb, 80:2 Pt 2, S138-S149

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