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Re: E-M:/ Wisconsin Electric Energy Goes Green in the UP!

Enviro-Mich message from David Wright <wrightd@Voyager.net>

At 11:41 PM 11/18/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>
>At 11:06 PM 11/18/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>>Enviro-Mich message from David Wright <wrightd@Voyager.net>
>>         Wisconsin Electric along with Traverse City Light and Power are
to be
>>commended for the leadership they have taken to bring renewably generated
>>electricity to their customers.  Both of these utilities have developed
>>cost-effective programs that will allow their customers to purchase up to
>>100% of their electricity from green generating sources.
>Do WEPCO's  so-called "green" power plants include....
>.....its dams on the Menominee River
>.....its pulp mill sludge combustion units in Wisconsin which have
>       been the target of citizen group litigation
>Will WEPCO's subsidiary, MINERGY's human waste-fired power plant
>to be built in SW Detroit, be considered "green power"????   Gee, I
>wonder why they don't build human waste-contaminated waste-fired
>electric power plants where all of these WEPCO executives live???
>Does WEPCO own or buy power from demolition waste fired combustors
>and trash burning plants in Wisconsin??
>Be careful, folks, because "green power" may end up being the
>latest form of "green-washing" as in "brain-washing".....
>Sagady's recommendation on "green power"   ----find out
>exactly where and how such power is generated and then
>make your decision on its acceptability....


Hmmm.  I agree with Alex with one additional clause, "----find out
>exactly where and how such power is generated and then" -- compare it how
your monopoly utility currently treats the environment and then --
"make your decision on its acceptability...."  

What is missing from this and other comments that have been posted is the
reality of what we are doing today to our air, land, and water when we
produce electricity.  Most of Michigan's electricity is produced in
grandfathered coal-fired power plants.  These plants pollute our land, air,
and water.  Coal is mined by blowing up mountains, coal contains pollutants
that bioaccumulate and poison our food sources, coal results in acid rain
and ozone smog.  Detroit Edison published their TRI inventory (I think you
may be able to get it from their website).  Check out the thousands of
pounds of pollution they are releasing to the environment.  Not to mention
the 9 pounds of mercury dischared into Lake Erie from their Monroe plant.
If you have another utility find their TRI inventory and ask some
questions, these plants are HUGE sources of many regulated and unregulated
air pollutants.

Most of the rest of Michigan's electricity comes from nuclear plants.  Our
nuclear plants continue to operate on the shores of the Great Lakes.  There
is no rational plan for dealing with spent nuclear waste.  The spent fuel
continues to be produced and is being stored on site.  (Not to mention that
Nukes are the solution to air pollution -- I recently read in the Wall
Street Journal that AEP (owners of the Cook Plant in SW Michigan) recently
announced they plan on running their Nukes more to reduce their greenhouse
gas emissions from their coal plants.  How's that for an environmental
strategy!) What will we do with this mess?  Not to mention the DOE's plan
to transmit mixed uranium and plutonium nuclear fuel from Los Alamos, NM to
Chalk River, Quebec through Michigan.  Project Parallax is an experiment to
see whether Ontario Hydro can "burn" MOX -- a combination of uranium and
plutonium which is obtained from nuclear bombs.  Dismantled warheads will
be recycled into fuel for the nuclear industry, anyone need any plutonium?

So, if you consume electricity in Michigan (and I don't know of anyone that
doesn't) and you have not taken yourself "off the grid," then you too are
participating/contributing to the resultant environmental degradation due
to the activities of your utility company (including Wisconsin Electric).
Now, if you're not off the grid, call up your utility and ask them if you
can get on "their green plan."  Unless your utility is Traverse City Light
and Power, you have NO choice because there is no "green plan."  That is
until Wisconsin Electric came along.  Now, if you are a WE customer and
you're interested -- contact WE find out about their Energy for Tomorrow
plan and compare that to their current environmental performance.  Then
choose.  And, unlike most other Michigan residents you now have an
opportunity to choose.


David Wright

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