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E-M:/ Drain code to the house floor

Enviro-Mich message from Sue Julian <benj@tir.com>

Your phone calls are doing some good, but legislators simply don't know
what to make of this 283 page bill.  None of them will read it--they'll
just respond to what they've heard about it.  The lobbyists the drain
commissioners' association has hired say, "It an improvement over what
we've got."  They fail to mention ways in which it is worse, or the vast
majority of current problems that now exist that haven't been "fixed."

More than 30 organizations have lined up against it and more are calling
in, but they're not a substitute for phone calls and faxes to legislators.

The bill, HB 4803 H-2, was officially referred from committee at 8:06 pm
last night "with recommendation for second reading and passage." It's
difficult to predict, but it could see action today December 1st.

Check out the web page for more information and a list of legislators with
phone and fax numbers <http://www.members.tripod.com/Michigan_Drain_Code/>
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