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Re: E-M:/ Everybody look what's going down

Enviro-Mich message from jbobrin@bizserve.com (Janis Bobrin)

 I understand that the "necessity" decision (that a project is needed) MAY
preceed an environmental analysis, but the project itself cannot; under HB
4806, any petitioned project MUST conduct an environmental assessment, must
minimize (and the word "mitigate" is to be added as a cleanup amendment
next week) environmental impacts.  Sure is better than the process we have

  We're throwing away some great progress by looking for all or nothing. 
Remember, the alternative to this bill is not a better one; it's the
current Code of 1956, which will stay in place for a long time---given
current legislature and gov.----if we let this chance slip by.
And, we do not HAVE to wait another 40 yrs. to look at the code again; I
say, let's take the advances offered in HB4803, and go for more asap. 

Terry Lodge's suggestion---read it for yourself---is a great one.  But also
be sure to read the CURRENT LAW.  I think the improvements, though perhaps
not all we would wish, are dramatic.

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