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E-M:/ Say No to SB 205, HB 4803

Enviro-Mich message from Julie Stoneman <juliemec@voyager.net>

No on SB 205--Protect Michigan from Mega Manure
No on HB 4803--It's a Drain on Your Rights

Senate Bill 205 and HB 4803 (H-2) may both be taken up on the House Floor
this week during the last three days of the 1999 session.  Although we
couldn't confirm it as of Monday afternoon, there's a very real possibility
both bills will be up.  So there's time to get calls to your State
Representative and to Speaker Charles Perricone to voice your concerns.  

SB 205 would:

***Prohibit communities from taking action to protect themselves from an
increasing number of livestock factories-operations that confine thousand
of animals, millions of gallons of manure, and sickening odors in small

***Give all responsibility for protecting the public from hazards of
livestock factories to the Department of Agriculture, an agency charged
with not safeguarding public health of the environment but with promoting
the industry

There is no substantive state oversight of the environmental impacts of
industrial agriculture.  Local control is the last line of defense because
the state does not inspect or monitor facilities such as today's 2,000-hog
factories, which generate more sewage pollutants than a city of 14,000 people.

For more information, call Anne Woiwode, Sierra Club, 517-484-2372 or Patty
Cantrell, Michigan Land Use Institute, 231-882-4723 or check MLUI's
website: www.mlui.org 

HB 4803 (H-2) would: 

***Allow legal decisions for undertaking major drain work to be made before
environmental impacts are known.
***Prevent citizens from knowing the costs, scope and environmental impacts
of a project until after the time to appeal the decision has passed.

***Assess public lands, including undeveloped state lands, for
drainage-creating a state subsidy for new development!

***Grandparent miles of Michigan rivers and streams that were established
as drains before 1973, subjecting them to drain work without any oversight
or review by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  Although
the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act must also be
amended, changes to the drain code would establish legislative intent to
fix this loophole.

For more information, contact Julie at the Michigan Environmental Council,
517-487-9539 or juliemec@voyager.net    For additional information, go to
the website of the Michigan Drain Code Coalition:

What you can do immediately:

1. Call your state representatives and ask them to reject SB 205 & HB 4803.
Call state switchboard, 517-373-1837, to get their number.  

2. Call House Majority Leader Chuck Perricone to reject both bills,


Julie Stoneman
Director of Land Programs
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette Dr., Suite 2A
Lansing, MI  48912
Ph:	517-487-9539
Fax:	517-487-9541
Email:	juliemec@voyager.net

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