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E-M:/ SB 205 Passes

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Alex--please post.  Thanks.  Julie Stoneman

     Around 4:45 Thursday morning, the Michigan House passed SB 
   the bill that precludes local governments from zoning to protect
communities from farm nuisances.  Michigan now has neither preventative state
standards NOR local controls to protect the environment and public health
from these mega manure farms.   MEC, the Michigan Land Use Institute, Sierra
Club, Michigan Townships Association and others opposed the bill.
Empassioned arguments against the bill were made by Reps. Brater, LaForge,
Bogardus, Dennis, and Jamnick.  The vote for the last bill of the 1999 year
was 61 to 48, mostly along party lines.

There was a promise made by Rep. Green (R-Mayville), chair of the House Ag
committee, to create a subcommittee to look into the problems of large
factory farms.  It will be up to Michigan citizens to hold him to that
promise and make sure all those who were not given the opportunity to testify
against SB 205 earlier in his committee are given a chance this time around.

Check the House Journal for December 9 at www.michiganlegislature.org for
roll call votes.

---Your up all night correspondents, Julie Stoneman, MEC, and Patty Cantrell,
Michigan Land Use Institute

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