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E-M:/ The plutonium is coming!

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                                                              November 9,1999

Dear Friends,

        "The Plutonium Is Coming!!! The Plutonium Is Coming!!!" 
            Where is Paul Revere when you need him?!

    We very much need your financial help. Next Tuesday, December 14th, we go
to Court again.  This time for a preliminary hearing on our request for an
injunction against the Dept. of Energy's impending experimental plutonium
fuel shipment across Michigan. We need to field expert witnesses to
convince the judge that mixed oxide plutonium fuel (MOX) is a threat to
Michiganders, Canadians, and others who live along its transportation
routes and near nuclear reactors where it might be  used as fuel.

    Our attorneys, and even the expert witnesses we are lining up, are willing
to provide their services for no charge, but we need to pay their travel
expenses and accommodations, not to mention the many behind-the-scenes
costs: legal fees, transcripts, long distance telephone bills, copying,
etc. Our projected expenses could be as high as $6,000. 

    We are bringing in expert witnesses such as Dr. Ed Lyman from Nuclear
Control Institute in Washington, D.C. (a technical expert on the threat to
human health from plutonium transport and reactor accidents),  Don Moniak
of Serious Texans Against Nuclear Dumping, from Amarillo, Texas, Dr. Gordon
Edwards of The Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, from Canada
and perhaps several others.   

    Donations have already started coming in, for which we are very thankful.
But, in order to seize this unique opportunity to protect the environment
and public health, we need your help.  No doubt, the DOE will spare no
expense to win this case.  We need to raise this money in the next several
days. Won't you please help? This court case is fought on behalf of our
entire country and Canada, as well as other nations overseas, against the
dangers to humans and the Earth from a full-blown plutonium economy and
nuclear weapons proliferation.

    Please consider donating any amount you can. The more the better of
course, but every little bit helps.

with a note written on the memo line indicating the "NIX MOX CAMPAIGN".

    Send your check/money order to: Peace Education Center; 855 Grove Street;
East Lansing, Michigan 48823. The Peace Education Center is a 501c3
tax-deductible organization. Thank you for your support of this worthwhile


    Last Monday, December 6th - in a last-ditch effort to stop the U.S. Dept.
of Energy's (DOE) impending experimental weapons-grade plutonium fuel
shipment across Michigan -- six citizens living within 50 miles of the
route as well as the State-wide environmental organization Citizens for
Alternatives to Chemical Contamination filed a lawsuit seeking an
injunction. Why is 50 miles significant? Because DOE has admitted that if
-- in an accident -- the plutonium were to be burned in a fire, a
cancer-causing plume could impact residents living up to 50 miles downwind.

    Based upon the merits of our case, on Tuesday, December 7th, Federal Judge
Richard Enslen of the U.S. District Court in Kalamazoo, Michigan issued a
ten day temporary restraining order, effectively slamming the brakes on the
shipment. This is a stunning decision, a major victory for environmental
protection, public health precautions, and democratic citizen involvement
-- only a handful of times before has the nuclear establishment been
stopped in its tracks in such a way as this. 

    The DOE is trying to downplay the significance of this "one-time only"
test shipment. But what if the experiment "succeeds"? Will tens of tons of
weapons-grade plutonium fuel be trucked and shipped across Michigan and
through the Great Lakes to reactors in Canada? What about transport
accidents? What about the threat of terrorism? What about reactor
accidents? What about the waste that results? What about the danger of
nuclear weapons proliferation, once this test demonstrates that Canadian
reactors (such as are located in Pakistan and India, Turkey and China) can
use weapons-grade plutonium fuel? Why doesn't DOE instead pursue the safer,
cheaper, quicker method of plutonium immobilization, to isolate this deadly
toxic waste from the living environment, rather than commercializing it,
launching it onto the highways and waterways, and "burning" it in our
region? This "one-time only" test shipment is but the tip of the iceberg. 

    Judge Enslen is very interested in that bigger picture. He has already
recognized that plutonium, if inhaled, is one of the most carcinogenic
substances on Earth. The case raises serious questions about DOE's lack of
an adequate analysis of the overall project's potential environmental and
public health impacts. Our attorneys, Mr. Terry Lodge of Toledo, Ohio and
Mr. Kary Love of Holland, Michigan think we have a good chance of winning a
longer injunction against the shipment based on the merits of our case. 

    Right now we have a unique opportunity to protect public health and the
environment -- not only in the Great Lakes, but across the continent and
internationally -- from harmful nuclear radioactivity. But we cannot do it
without your financial support. Please send your donation immediately.
Thank you for your support.

Anabel Dwyer, Kay Cumbow, Alice Hirt, Robert Anderson, Doris Schaller
Vernon, and Terry Miller ("downwinders" and parties to this lawsuit against
the plutonium fuel shipment)

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