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Re: E-M:/ Big Quinnesec Dam Project by WEPCO on Menominee River

Enviro-Mich message from David Wright <wrightd@Voyager.net>

At 01:20 PM 12/10/99 -0500, Alex J. Sagady & Associates wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>
>I can't figure out from this notice if this is a new dam or an
>existing dam???   Does anybody know???
Cruising the WEPCO site you can find all of their applications to FERC for
the licensing of the dams Alex has posted to enviro-mich.  It appears these
relicensings are related to an agreement that WEPCO entered into
(theWilderness Shores Settlement Agreement) with Wisconsin and Michigan
regulatory agencies and at least one Michigan group, the Michigan Hydro
Relicensing Coalition and the River Alliance of Wisconsin.  

I searched the River Alliance of Wisconsin website
(http://www.wisconsinrivers.org) but could not find a reference to this
agreement. It appears to have been signed about three years ago.  The
following is the press release from Wisconsin Electric describing the
agreement and talking about the removal of apparently three dams in the
upper menominee river basin.  At the end of the article is a list of
contacts for all of the organizations involved, including the River
Alliance of Wisconsin and the Michigan Hydro Relicensing Coalition. 

Please post to enviro-mich any other information on these dams that you find.


David Wright

Diverse Collaboration Produces
Landmark Hydro
Relicensing Agreement
Feb. 10, 1997

Representatives of private industry, state and federal natural resource
agencies and river advocacy organizations today finalized a landmark
agreement, the result of a first-of-its-kind collaborative approach to
relicensing hydroelectric facilities in Northeastern Wisconsin and
Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The signing of the Wilderness Shores Settlement Agreement covering the
Upper Menominee River Basin marks the first time that an agreement has been
reached on the major issues related to relicensing hydro facilities prior
to filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Organizations signing the agreement included Wisconsin Electric, Michigan
Department of Natural Resources, Michigan Attorney General's Office,
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,
National Park Service, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality,
Michigan Hydro Relicensing Coalition, River Alliance of Wisconsin and the
Wisconsin Department of Administration.

"The Wilderness Shores Settlement Agreement is the result of a unique
collaboration of industry, government and stakeholder groups working toward
common goals," said Dick Grigg, WE president. "It assures the continued
profitable operation of our hydroelectric system in the Upper Menominee
River Basin and the protection of associated land and water resources for
the next 40 years."

The agreement addresses key issues concerning land management and
protection, fisheries protection, water quality, recreation, hydroelectric
plant operation and future dam responsibility, including the removal of
three uneconomic dams.

"The Wilderness Shores agreement proves that environmental protection and
business profitability can go hand-in-hand," said Sara Johnson, executive
director of the River Alliance of Wisconsin, who represents two citizen
groups involved in the settlement agreement. "The River Alliance and the
Michigan Hydro Reform Coalition applaud Wisconsin Electric for taking this
new collaborative approach to the federal relicensing of hydro power
facilities and we urge other dam owners to follow their lead."

Wisconsin Electric proposes to relicense eight of its hydroelectric
facilities in the Upper Menominee River Basin, including Big Quinnesec
Falls, Peavy Falls, Kingsford, Twin Falls, Lower Paint, Hemlock Falls,
Michigamme Falls and the Way Dam/Michigamme Reservoir hydro plants.

"The individuals who crafted this document have done an excellent job in
finding mutually acceptable solutions to the numerous issues that relate to
the relicensing of these hydroelectric plants," said George Meyer,
secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. "I hope that
this agreement will truly be a model for how government works in the future."

"The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is honored to have played a
key role in this historic process. All the parties who negotiated the
Wilderness Shores agreement shared the common goal of relicensing dams as
well as protecting the habitat, aquatic resources and water quality of the
Menominee River, a larger portion of the border between Michigan and
Wisconsin," said K. L. Cool, director, Michigan DNR. "This agreement sets
new and higher standards for the relicensing of hydroelectric dams across
the nation."

Added William Schenk, midwest field director, National Park Service: "This
harmonizing of recreation, aesthetic, conservation and economic interests
through hydropower dam relicensing sets another stellar example of
creatively reaching remarkable concord. The National Park Service is
pleased to be part of and commends all the groups involved in this model
comprehensive agreement."

Bill Hartwig, regional director of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service,
acknowledged the accomplishment of the Wilderness Shores participants from
the perspective of federal government. "This agreement is an excellent
example of ecosystem planning with partners and the team approach;
precisely the direction where government is moving as we approach the year
2000 and the next decade," he said.

Hartwig awarded the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Silver Eagle Award to
Wisconsin Electric for completion of the Wilderness Shores Settlement
Agreement. The Silver Eagle Award is awarded for environmental excellence
in protection of fish and wildlife resources.

"Although we are all well aware that several federal and state governmental
agencies and non-governmental organizations participated substantially in
formulating the agreement, it would not have come about if Wisconsin
Electric did not have a favorable environmental policy that set the
framework for this landmark agreement, namely that environmental
stewardship is good business," said Hartwig.

He also presented a Silver Eagle Award to Rita Hayen, WE project engineer
for Hydro Relicensing, who served as facilitator of the negotiation
meetings during the two-year process. Members of the negotiation team
received Certificates of Appreciation as part of the signing ceremony.

Wilderness Shores Settlement Agreement Contact List
Mr. Bill Deephouse, Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources, North U.S. 41, Box
427, Baraga, WI 49908, Phone No.: 906-353-6651, Fax No.: 906-353-7464,

Ms. Ann Wilson, Michigan Dept. of Natuaral Resources, 1990 U.S. 41 South,
Marquette, MI 49855, Phone No.: 906-228-6561, Fax. No.: 906-228-9441,
E-Mail Address: Wilsona1@DNR.STATE.MI.US

Mr. Ken Silfven, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, P.O. Box
30473, Lansing, MI 48909, Phone No.: 517-241-7398, Fax No.: 517-241-7401

Mr. James Fossum, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1015 Challenger Court,
Green Bay, WI 54311, Phone No.: 414-465-7421, Fax No.: 414-465-7410,
E-Mail Address: Jim_Fossum@mail.FWS.GOV

Ms. Sara Johnson, River Alliance of Wisconsin, 122 State Street, Suite 200,
Madison, WI 53703, Phone No.: 608-257-2424, Fax No.: 608-251-1655,
E-Mail Address: wisrivers@igc.org Ms. Monica Gross, Esquire, River Alliance
of Wisconsin, 4421 Abbott Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55410, Phone No.:
612-922-6652, Fax No.: 612-922-6652,
E-Mail Address: riv_ally@bitstream.net

Mr. Rod Miller, Wisconsin Electric Power Company, 800 Industrial Park
Drive, Iron Mountain, MI 49801, Phone No.: 906-779-2478, Fax. No.:

Mr. James Schramm, Esquire, Michigan Hydro Relicensing Coalition, 4780
Longbridge Rd., P.O. Box 828, Pentwater, MI 49449, Phone No.: 616-869-5487,
Fax No.: 616-869-5487,
E-Mail Address: JDSchramm@OCEANA.NET

Mr. Thomas Thuemler, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources, 411 Front
Street, P.O. Box 127, Peshtigo, WI 54157, Phone No.: 715-582-5008, Fax No.:
E-Mail Address: TheumT@DNR.STATE.WI.US

Ms. Angela Tornes, National Park Service, 310 W. Wisconsin Ave., Room 500,
Milwaukee, WI 53203, Phone No.: 414-297-3605, Fax No.: 414-297-3660,
E-Mail Address: Angie_Tornes@nps.gov

Ms. Mary Frazer, Wisconsin Department of Administration, Wisconsin Coastal
Zone Management Program, 101 E. Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53707-7868,
Phone No.: 608-267-6931, Fax No.: 608-266-8234


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