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E-M:/ Fw: Roadless area sample comment letter

Enviro-Mich message from "Frank Ambrose" <fambrose@bloomington.in.us>

Hey all, Note the comment email line change below. Sorry for any inconvience
and thanks for your help!

Frank Ambrose


Your help is urgently needed to influence the final roadless area policy the
Forest Service is currently working on. Several areas in MI are caught in
teh mix (ie wont be protected if they do not hear from us). Please take a
moment and write a letter, or just forward the sample attached below on. The
deadline for submission is Dec. 20. It is important they hear from us, en
mass, or they will make it a lame duck policy.

Be sure to tell them to (1)protect all areas 1000 acres and larger, (2)all
national forests should be included in the final plan (alaska and the
Pacific Northwest are not included now), and (3) offer full protection from
all destructive activities (logging, roadbuilding, ORV's, grazing, mining,
oil and gas).

You can email the message to: mailto:roadless/wo_caet-slc@fs.fed.us or fax
801/517-1021. The address is below on the sample letter.

Background on the initiative can be found at www.americanlands.org , or you
can write to me and I will fill you in.

Frank Ambrose



USDA Forest Service-CAET
 Attn:  Roadless Areas NOI
 P.O. Box 221090
 Salt Lake City, UT 84122

 Dear Forest Service:
I am pleased with President Clinton's announcement that the Forest Service
will be preparing a roadless area protection policy.  I urge the Service to
protect the 60 million acres of remaining acres of remaining roadless wild
lands in all of our National Forests, which provide excellent recreational
opportunities for millions of Americans, habitat for wildlife, and clean
water for communities.

In Michigan, roadless areas are our biological links to the past and hope
for the future.  From the vast forests of the Upper Pennisula to the forests
of the Huron-Manistee, these last remaining wild places support many
important public values.  Roadless areas provide outstanding unique fish and
wildlife habitat and our cleanest drinking water.  Their economic value as
recreational assets far outweigh their value for timber production.
But they are quickly disappearing.  Decades of mining, logging, grazing, and
other development activities have degraded forest ecosystems, fragmented
fish and wildlife habitat, and pushed species like the Grey wolf, Indiana
bat, Peregrine falcon, and the Northern Goshawk closer to extinction.

I urge you to adopt a policy that:

*Accords roadless areas strong, effective protection from all damaging
activities, including logging, road-building, oil and gas leasing, mining,
grazing, and off-road motorized vehicles

*Provides immediate and permanent protection for ALL roadless areas 1,000
acres and larger in all National Forests, including the Tongass National
Forest in Alaska.  Protection should also be given to smaller, yet
biological significant areas.

*Protection for areas smaller than 1,000 acre should be emphasized in the
eastern portion of the country, as there are very few areas in Michigan that
meet the existing criteria, but are none-the-less, biologically important.

*Does not defer protection of roadless areas to the forest planning process

Thoreau said, "In wilderness lies the preservation of the Earth."
Protecting roadless areas, then, is nothing less than our duty to conserve
this nation's rich biological legacy.  Thank you for listening to my


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