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E-M:/ E.P.A. Is Ordering 392 Plants to Cut Pollution in Half

Enviro-Mich message from "David Zaber" <dzaber@chorus.net>


Well, another day  and another twisted attempt by Englerite Russ Harding to
fight efforts to stop air pollution.  This time, he is quoted in the New
York Times in the following article:

E.P.A. Is Ordering 392 Plants to Cut Pollution in Half - New York Times,
December 18, 1999.

Read it all at:

Here is a snippet:

"In Michigan, one of the states with plants covered by the order today, Russ
Harding, director of the Department of Environmental Quality, said that the
appeals court was due to issue a final ruling this winter or spring on the
E.P.A.'s effort to have the states order reductions. "I think it's highly
inappropriate for the administrator to be doing this," Mr. Harding said. "It
may make good headlines, but it's not going to solve clean air issues. She's
just creating more lawsuits, wasting more taxpayer dollars." "

Funny, seems to me that the folks creating more lawsuits would be the ones
filing them and that would include Engler/Harding and their merry band of

Oh, and by the way, if removing pollutants from the air does not solve clean
air issues, then what does?

 Happy Holidays,

Dave Zaber


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