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Re: E-M:/ FW: LWCF Sign-On letter to President Clinton

Enviro-Mich message from Doug Cornett <drcornet@up.net>


GREEN posted an Action Alert! about a month ago regarding the LWCF/CARA
compromise bill which will INCREASE off shore oil and gas drilling.  I
think this is the same bill.  Please refrain from signing this letter.
I've sent the message below to GREEN and will post the answer to this list
as soon as I hear from them.

For the Wild,

Doug Cornett

P.S.  Clinton will sign this anyway so I don't see why a sign-on letter is

At 09:44 AM 12/21/99 -0500, Tom & Anne Woiwode wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from "Tom & Anne Woiwode" <woiwode@voyager.net>
>Most of you are familiar with the Land and Water Conservation Fund--federal
>funding from oil and gas leases on state-owned land.  Congressmen Dale
>Kildee and John Dingell have been leaders in getting this initiative through
>Congress.  In addition to its broad conservation implications nationwide, it
>means millions of dollars in conservation investment here in Michigan.  And
>the benefits of these funds can be found in literally every congressional
>district in the state.  This legislation has had the public support of 49
>state governors (guess which one has not come out and supported it?).  An
>outpouring of institutional and individual support from Michigan will show
>that conservation of our fragile landscape remains a core value for those of
>us who have the privilege of living in the Great Lakes state.  Read to the
>end and take the action requested.  It will be of tremendous help.
>Tom, Anne, Nate and Pete Woiwode
>5088 Powell Road
>Okemos, MI 48864
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>Subject: LWCF Sign-On letter to President Clinton
>Date: Wed, Dec 15, 1999, 6:17 PM
>To: Midwest Friends of the Land and Water Conservation Fund
>From:   Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation
>    Peter McKeever
>Midwest Outreach Coordinator
>Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation
>6302 Southern Circle
>Monona, WI 53716
>Telephone and Fax:  608-223-1275
>Date: 12/10/99
>RE: LWCF Presidential Sign-On Letter
>We have been challenged to get 200 signatures on the Land and Water
>conservation Fund (LWCF) letter to President Clinton which is described
>below.  That is 200 signatures just from the Midwest!
>200 organizations, agencies, land trusts, environmental groups, hunting and
>fishing clubs, businesses, associations, municipalities, counties, chambers
>of commerce, youth sports teams and organizations!
>There are two purposes to this:  1)  To send a message to the White House
>to Congress and 2)  To energize our network as we begin the next phase of
>this campaign and, importantly READ THIS:  to recruit new members to our
>We need your help.  We need your help in the next week!  Each of you has
>contacts with several possible signatories:  your employer, organizations to
>which you belong, members of other organizations and associations and club,
>churches, hunting and fishing clubs, your kids' soccer and football teams,
>friends and their connections, etc., etc.
>Please distribute this broadly and sign on and encourage other groups to do
>so.  We only want groups at this point, not individuals.  Overall we want
>1000 groups to sign on nationwide.  200 of those from the Midwest.  We can
>it; you can do it.
>Overwhelm my email with positive responses.
>Read on:
>>From Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation (AHR) (see www/ahrinfo.org):
>As our Campaign to Revitalize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
>enters a new year ˝ and a new Millennium -- it is important that President
>Clinton start the year off right ˝ by making full and permanent funding of
>LWCF a top priority of his Administration in 2000.
>As you know, this past year, the PresidentÝs "Lands Legacy Initiative"
>resulted in more than $450 million in federal LWCF funding and $40 million
>for its state matching grants program for FY 2000. UPARR received $2
>While this represents a solid step forward toward a more permanent
>conservation investment, this funding was for FY 2000, but not beyond. With
>the bipartisan support that LWCF and other "Lands Legacy" programs have
>received this year in Congress and from key elected leaders across the
>nation, now is the time to make the fund full and permanent.
>Thanks to your efforts, in 1999, AHR and its allies produced thousands of
>declarations of support, including resolutions, letters, petitions, and
>editorials from all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Authors
>included governors, mayors, park and recreation associations, grassroots
>conservation and historic preservation organizations, wildlife advocates,
>sporting goods and outdoor recreation industries, youth sports groups, and
>business leaders.
>To demonstrate this broad and diverse support for LWCF to The White House,
>AHR is asking our allies ˝ elected leaders, conservation and civic
>organizations, park and recreation leaders, youth sports groups, urban and
>historic preservation advocates, the outdoor recreation industry and the
>business community, among others, to sign onto AHRÝs "Letter to the
>President" requesting full and permanent funding of the Land and Water
>Conservation Fund as a top priority for 2000.
>Because the discussions of program and budget priorities are well underway,
>it is important that this letter reach the President as soon as possible.
>That is why the deadline for signing onto the letter is December 23,
>may extend the deadline slightly for those who are out of town for the
>Please review the letter below and take a moment to fill out the form at the
>end of this email. You can either fax the form to AHR (202-429-2621)or email
>it to Tom St. Hilaire at tsthilaire@ahrinfo.org.  Please also email or fax a
>copy to Peter McKeever.
>Again, many thanks for your leadership in making the Land and Water
>Conservation Fund a permanent part of the American landscape.
>"Letter to the President"
>The Honorable William Jefferson Clinton
>President of the United States
>The White House
>Washington, DC 20500
>Dear Mr. President:
>Thank you for your leadership in securing additional funding this year for
>the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and other natural heritage
>programs through your "Lands Legacy Initiative."
>For more than 35 years, LWCF has been an American success story, responsible
>for nearly seven million acres of park land, refuges, trails, and open
>and the development of more than 37,000 state parks and community recreation
>projects such as baseball and soccer fields. Together with its companion
>programs, the Urban Park and Recreation Recovery program and Historic
>Preservation Fund, LWCF has been the foundation for protecting our nationÝs
>parks and natural heritage at the federal, state and local levels.
>The broad, bipartisan support that LWCF and other "Lands Legacy" programs
>have received reflects the diversity and depth of public support for
>revitalization a federal partnership for parks and open space protection.
>This year alone, more than 200 positive editorials in the nationÝs leading
>newspapers and thousands of declarations of support from every state and the
>District of Columbia were generated on behalf of full and permanent LWCF
>funding. From Maine to Hawaii, governors, mayors, county leaders, park and
>recreation associations, conservation and historic preservation
>organizations, wildlife advocates, sporting goods and outdoor recreation
>industries, youth sports groups, and business leaders have come together to
>rally on behalf of the fund.
>Now, it is time to build upon this national consensus and fully implement
>"Lands Legacy Initiative" by including full and permanent funding for the
>Land and Water Conservation Fund as a top priority on your 2000 agenda.
>As you bring the Presidency of the United States into the new Millennium,
>have a rare opportunity to keep the promise made more than three decades ago
>to the American people to make the Land and Water Conservation Fund full and
>permanent. In the coming year, your public commitment to revitalize the fund
>can make it a reality and ensure that the children of the 21st Century
>inherit the quality of life that they deserve.
>"Sign-on Form"
>Yes! Please add my OrganizationÝs Name to the List of Groups Signing the
>Letter to President Clinton in Support of Full and Permanent Funding of LWCF
>Signature:______________________________________ Date:_____________
>Organization Name:________________________________________________
>SignatoryÝs Name:_________________________________________________
>Signatory's Title:__________________________________________________
>OrganizationÝs Address:_____________________________________________
>            ______________________________________________
>            ______________________________________________
>OrganizationÝs Phone Number:_______________________________________
>OrganizationÝs Fax Number:_________________________________________
>OrganizationÝs E-mail Address:_______________________________________
>Return This Form to AHR No Later Than December 23, 1999
>Send to:
>Tom St. Hilaire
>Outreach Director
>Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation
>900 17th Street, NW
>Suite 300
>Washington, DC 20006
>Or Fax back to (202) 429-2621 or 608-223-1275
>Or Email to tsthilaire@ahrinfo.org or heartlakec@aol.com
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