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Re: E-M:/ Other troubling FACTOIDS in Forest Articles

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


I would like to add to some factoids to this discussion. 

1) The Forest Service continues to propose timber sales in National Wild and 
Scenic River corridors. The congressional mandate to protect these areas is 
being violated. NWR will be releasing a full accounting of these activities 
in all three of our National Forests and how we can address them. Aside from 
many other planned anthropocentric activities, I can include from the 
Hiawatha NF the following proposed timber sales in W & S river corridors. 
There are many more being proposed throughout the NF system in Michigan: 

*Jack of Hearts - Northern Hardwoods Selection Harvest, Decision issued (7/97)

*Outing - Appealed and withdrawn after NWR and Heartwood raised concerns with 
District Ranger Theresa Chase. Chase admitted the EA was "NEPA Lite" but 
cannot guarantee that an EIS will be conducted.  Two other sales are planned 
next to Outing, "Borrowed Time" and "Ipora."

*Indian River EA - EA not complete, NO DECISION as of 12/13/99 

2)  RNA's, while off-limits to direct logging, continue to be hammered by 
activities on adjacent parcels of public lands; 

3) The article talkes about "managing" for old growth -
which is really only wishful thinking and a term that allows Forest Service 
to continue to log in so-called old growth management areas; 

4) other activities such as road construction, snowmobiling,  ATV, etc. are 
allowed in old-growth mgmt. areas. The FS will continue to try and log these 
areas without an end to the federal timber program.

Also, regarding the availability of private and industrial owned lands for 
logging, unless the following criteria are met, NWR does not support logging 
in these woodlands:

1) public lands will not be certified
2) partial certification will not be permitted
3) chip industries and paper production will not be certified
4) even-aged management (including shelterwood cuts, 2-staged shelterwood 
cuts, and seed tree cuts) will not be certified
5) old growth (primary forests) will not be certified

Murray Dailey
Northwoods Wilderness Recovery

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