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Enviro-Mich message from "Harris, Craig" <Craig.Harris@ssc.msu.edu>

message below is forwarded from rachel's environment and health weekly . . .
i have included the header for the newsletter, but not the main body of the
issue . . . it occured to me that some michigan environmental organizations
might like to include themselves in the database 

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[Rachel's will publish again January 5.]


The grass-roots environmental movement is largely invisible.
Thousands of groups are working at the local level but they have
no way to learn about each other's existence, and therefore no
easy way to communicate. A journalist looking for a grass-roots
perspective on environmental problems or job safety may not know
who to call. Someone concerned about policy at the state or
federal level may not be able to find anyone who can provide a
community-based perspective on environment-and-health problems.

The RACHEL'S staff has begun a project to identify local groups
working on any aspect of "environment and health," including, of
course, occupational safety and health. We call it, Making the
Movement Visible.

Groups that are working on any aspect of "environment and health"
at the community level are invited to add themselves to our
public database of grass-roots environmental groups on the
world-wide web (www.rachel.org). Naturally, organizations that
service the needs of grass-roots community groups or job-safety
groups are also welcome. To list your group (or some other group
that you admire), just go to the "organizations" section of our
web site (www.rachel.org) and add your group to the list. (Note:
Your listing will not become public immediately, so you may not
see it for a few days. We review all entries, to prevent fake
groups from being added to the list.) No matter where you are
working -- in Iowa, Ixtapa, or Istanbul -- if you have a
community or workplace perspective on health and environment,
please add your group to the database. Let's all do ourselves a
big favor and Make the Movement Visible! Check yourself in at

craig k harris
department of sociology
center for integrated plant systems
429b berkey hall
michigan state university
east lansing  michigan  48824-1111
tel:  517-355-5048
fax:  517-432-2856

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