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Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


re: $13 million for Michigan?

I dont know what interest or history AHR has had in Michigan. I know I have 
been involved in conservation and forest protection in Michigan for many 
years, and have never run into AHR until very recently.

The "Stateside" allocations are the most controversial. The money can pay for 
anything from community swimming pools, to soccer fields, to - you name it. 
How much of this counts as "conservation" is a matter of interpretation. 

It is the Stateside monies that all the wreckreation interests are after. 
There are the funds ORCA and SGMA are interested in..... and they do not give 
a damn what sacrifices must be made to get these funds. They do not give a 
hoot that coastal habitats will be nuked.... because there's SO MUCH FREE 
MONEY being passed around, even crumbs look good."

Go to AHR's web site and you will see these words...

"This web site created with the support of ORCA, the Outdoor Recreation
Coalition of America."

Murray Dailey

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