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>Road salt may cause cancer, says B.C. researcher
>WebPosted Thu Dec 30 16:33:52 1999 ET
>VICTORIA, B.C. - A medical researcher at the University of Victoria says 
>there appears to be a strong link between cancer and road salt. And Prof. 
>Harold Foster says we are spreading the stuff on our streets at our peril.
>Hundreds of thousands of tons of road salt are used every winter across the 
>country to keep roads free of ice. The salt eventually washes into the water 
>table. That horrifies Foster.
>Using data from the United States, he compared various types of cancers with 
>more than 200 possible causes. He says the strongest correlation in areas 
>where people were dying from cancer, was with road salt.
>Foster theorizes that a substance used to keep the road salt from caking is 
>the culprit.
>And its not just road salt we need to worry about. Foster says some forest 
>fire-retardants carry the same anti-caking agent. It's not known how many 
>tons of that make their way into our water supply.
>Foster says he's glad the federal government is considering a ban on road 
>salt. In the meantime, he says its imperative that more comparative studies 
>be done.
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