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E-M:/ Huron Land Use Alliance Meeting

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Apparently there is a new internet list sponsored by GLIN on
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Important Correction from Peter Allen re. The William Street Townhouses:
Our partner and the actual builder, with a lot of help from my partner
David Kwan, was Dan Grammatico of Sierra Homes.
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Subject: SG-W:/ Jan. 11 HLUA Land Use Awards
Mark your calendars!
Your're invited to The Huron Land Use Alliance's first meeting of the
Millenium! The Huron Land Use Alliance is an organization of groups and
individuals that promotes environmentally and fiscally sound land use
planning in the Huron Valley region. Our mission is to encourage
innovative land use practices that preserves natural features, curbs
urban sprawl, uses land efficiently and promotes more livable
Our first meeting of 2000 will our third annual award ceremony
recognizing individuals and organizations for their work on projects
that used innovative methods to preserve open space, utilize land
efficiently and promote livable communities.
7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, January 11, 2000
The NEW Center Building
1100 North Main Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan
(Refreshments will be served)
This will be the third awards ceremony HLUA has held. The HLUA works
year round to advocate for compact, livable communities, and open space
and farmland protection. Many times it seems like an uphill battle with
us continually working against the tide.
This is our chance to recognize something positive and to raise
awareness of environmentally friendly development practices.
Here are this years awardees:
. Bruce Manny Stanley and Helen Parker are being recognized for Open
Space Preservation. They have enrolled portions of their farms in the
State's Farmland Preservation program. Theirs were the 2 Washtenaw
County farms to receive the state grant.
. The Huron Valley Chapter of the Sierra Club is being recognized for
their education efforts. Their annual "Tour de Sprawl" series shows
participants first hand the loss of farmland and open space and
alternatives to low density suburban sprawl.
. The William Street Townhouses (located between 1st and Ashley) in Ann
Arbor is being recognized for promoting infill development in existing
urbanized areas. Designed by architect Brad Moore, and constructed by
Allen Kwan Commerical, Inc. this 5,257 square foot building contains
four units (for a density of 33 units per acre) and integrates well with
the surrounding neighborhood.
. Murphy's Crossing, in Saline, is being recognized adaptice re-use
(commercial) of an existing building. Architect Gary Cooper has retained
the original Italianate design from the 1880's. This site was once the
location of the old Opera House. Bill Kinley, with Phoenix Realty, is
offering commercial units on the ground floor, and offices on 2nd floor
and the basement. A three story addition is proposed at the rear of the
site, which would contain retail on the ground floor and offices or loft
apartments on the upper floors.
? The Armory, in downtown Ann Arbor (on Ann and Fifth) will be
recognized for adaptive reuse (residential) of an existing building.
Completed a year ago, the Armory contains 13 units. Originally built in
1911, the building was used as an armory until the 1990's, and is
classified as a significant historic structure. Ed Shaffron, the
developer, has completely rehabilitated it, preserving original wood
floors, and other features. Mike Corby, with Integrated Architects, is
the architect.
For more information, contact Jeff Kahan, at 994-8184

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