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E-M:/ Road salt and cancer

Enviro-Mich message from Terry Lodge <tjlodge50@yahoo.com>

   Respecting the recent posting of the University of
Victoria research which associates road salt -- and
possibly a caking ingredient -- with various cancers,
I wonder if there might be another, equally
disturbing, explanation: NORM waste.

    If memory serves, NORM (for naturally occurring
radioactive material) waste was the subject of a
Michigan Department of Health study in 1990-91,
related to the siting controversy of a "low-level"
radioactive waste dump in Michigan for the Midwest
Compact. I believe the study might have been released
in summer 1991.

   One finding was that road salt, which is a
byproduct of oil drilling (often brine is produced
from injections to force oil up from deep
underground), was contaminated with NORM. There might
still be someone at the MI health department who is
familiar with the study. I remember a Dave Minnar who
presented the study results in 1991.

   For a listserv on NORM, go to www.normis.com

   You migh see another, new, concept expressed there,
"TENORM," for "Technologically Enhanced NORM." Might
this be "Below Regulatory Concern" nukewaste in
disguise? Looks like a topic for another day.

    Terry Lodge

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