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I worked on the national committee that addressed NORM in oil and gas
wastes.  NORM is found in the form of scale that deposits whenever
production liquids from radioactive-bearing strata are slowed down by pipe
bends, joints, tees, etc.  Certain layers of Michigan geology are more
radioactive than others and are more likely to produce NORM contaminated
wastes.  The salt itself, I don't remember, as being radioactive.  But many
of the county road commissions dispose of brine for the oil and gas
companies and mix it with the sand they spread on icy roads.

We tried in the early 1990s to eliminate the use of brine on gravel roads
for dust control, DEQ regulations already had restrictions on its use on
ice.  However, all those rules were thrown out due to deals with the county
road commissioners and Harding/Engler.

Good source of information of current information would be Chris Shuey at
the Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC) in Albuquerque.  Chris
heads up teh National Citizens' Network on Oil and Gas Wastes, and is a
great source of information.  My information, unfortunately, is dated, since
I haven't been in recent contact with him, the network, or recent issues.

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