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E-M:/ George Bush vs. the Environment

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

On Monday, George Bush, John McCain and the rest of the Republican
candidates will be in a presidential primary debate at Calvin College
in Grand Rapids.

Bush's record on environmental matters has come under attack
by Texas PEER and Sierra Club.   Here is information from Texas Public
Employees for Environmental Responsibility on the Bush Administration
and some other materials on Bush's poor record in Texas on
environmental protection....

Like Engler, Bush lies and distorts on environmental issues in his state....


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Subject: PEER PRESSure
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Ends Surprise Inspections & Ozone Monitoring
Details on the
Web Site for Texas Environmental Employees
During his first year in office as Governor of Texas, George Bush set a
course to dramatically weaken environmental protections, according to
documents released today by Texas Public Employees for Environmental
Responsibility (Texas PEER). Soon after inauguration, Bush took a
series of steps to dismantle pollution controls:
* In his first budget Gov. Bush proposed a 20% cut in
the funding for the state's pollution control agency, the Texas Natural
Resources Conservation Commission (TNRCC); double the reduction proposed
for any other agency.
* Texas ended a nearly quarter-century practice of
surprise pollution inspections for regulated industries and required
inspectors to announce visits in advance, in some case giving at least
two weeks notice.
* TNRCC stopped publicizing ozone levels during peak
pollution periods in the Houston air basin (now the dirtiest in the
country) and instead lobbied to have ozone standards reduced.
Bush avoided public health and environmental professionals and instead
chose business executives and representatives to fill key environmental
regulatory slots.
"Not only did Bush remove environmental cops from the beat but he tied
the hands of those who were left," stated Texas PEER Coordinator Erin
Rogers. "Announcing pollution inspections in advance is like giving
students the answers to exams - how does the public benefit from this
NOTE: More on gutting anti-pollution laws next week when we describe
how, under Bush, TNRCC has been cooking the books on pollution.
Texas PEER is an alliance of employees working within the state resource
agencies, such as the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission
(TNRCC) and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD), to promote
professional ethics, insure government accountability and protect public
health and the environment.
PEERMAIL is a broadcast only listserv. To subscribe or unsubscribe from
the list, please visit our webpage: http://www.peer.org/peermail.html
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibilty, (PEER) is a non-profit
organization that protects employees who protect the environment. We are
located at: 2001 S Street, NW, Suite 570, Washington, DC 20011.


Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 14:41:07 -0500
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From: Scott Royder <scls@igc.org>
Subject: Protect our Children! Call Governor Bush
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Here is a copy of the full page ad that appeared in the Austin
American-Statesman last Monday, April 19,1999. Give a call
to Governor Bush's 1-800 number and ask him to close the loophole!

Governor Bush:
Are You Protecting Our Children From Air Pollution Loopholes?
Or Are Your Policies Determined By Campaign Contributions?
George W. Bush Has Taken More Than A Half-Million Dollars in Campaign
Contributions From These Companies Responsible for Air Emissions:
• ALCOA • Amoco • ARCO • Enron Corp. • Central Power & Light •
Central & Southwest Corp. • Champion International Corp. •
Coastal Corp. • Crown Central Petroleum Corp. • Dow Chemical •
Duke Energy Field Services • Eastman Chemical Co. •
El Paso Energy Corp. • Enserch • Entergy Gulf States • Exxon •
Gulf States Utilities • International Paper • Koch Industries Liquid Energy •
Lyondell Petrochemical G.P. Inc. • Oryx Energy Co. • Pan Energy Corp. •
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co. • PG&E • Phillips/GPM •
Southwestern Electric Power Co. • Southwestern Public Service Co. •
Tenneco, Inc. • Texaco, Inc. • Texas Utilities • Torch Energy Marketing •
Tx Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Assn. • Ultramar Diamond Shamrock •
Union Carbide •Union Pacific Resources • Valero Refining •
West Texas Utilities Co. •

*View the campaign contribution report online at www.foree.com/prw.nsf
Texas Needs to Quit Coddling Polluters
Since 1971 hundreds of industrial plants in Texas have been exempt
from our most protective safe air laws. Today, 36% of all industrial air
pollution escapes through this “grandfather” loophole.
240,000 Texas children go to school near one of these plants.
Governor Bush supports a program that lets the polluters decide
whether to clean up. The program does not require them to comply
with today’s modern air pollution laws.
Call Governor Bush and ask him why polluter profits are more
important than children’s health.

For more information contact Peter Altman with the SEED
Coalition at 800-580-8845.


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Sunday's Washington Post contains an article about
George W. Bush's campaign's involvement with
Washington DC trade associations subject to
environmental regulation.
There is prominent mention of Bush's poor performance
in TX on the regulation of old chemical and other industrial


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Subject: Toxic Texas The Environmental Legacy OF GW "shrub' Bush, Jr.

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Tuesday's Christian Science Monitor contains an
extended article about the clean air protest in front
of George W. Bush's governor's mansion turning
into a civil rights litigation battle with ACLU involvement.



Search on the Sierra Club Lone Star site for information on Bush


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