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E-M:/ People's Hearings on Nuclear Waste Transportation

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FYI...and for all you Michiganders, Hoosiers, 'Yupers, Buckeyes, and
others within reach of Kalamazoo, please consider coming in for this,
and bringing a bunch of friends with you...

People's Hearings on
Nuclear Waste Transportation

Saturday, January 29, 2000
1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Room
Bernhard Student Center, Western Michigan University

Radioactive trucks and trains are coming our way!!! Consumers Energy,
Detroit Edison, and Michigan Power of Indiana are pressuring hard to
unload their deadly high-level atomic wastes onto the federal government
(that is, us, the taxpayers) so that their nuclear reactors have room to
make more waste for years to come. The U.S. Department of Energy would
transport these wastes via train and truck - over 750 shipments through
southwest Michigan alone, along such routes as I-94. Each large rail
cask would contain nearly 200 pounds of plutonium, and the long-lived
radiation equivalent of 240 Hiroshima atomic bombs. Release of even a
small fraction of the cargo could spell catastrophe for the environment
and residents downwind. Despite this, the transport casks have not even
been adequately safety tested to withstand collisions and fires, not to
mention terrorist attack or sabotage. Emergency responders have not been
adequately trained nor equipped to deal with a high-level nuclear waste

Come hear a short presentation by Kevin Kamps of Nuclear Information &
Resource Service of Washington, D.C. about the potential dangers
associated with such transports. Then, take this opportunity to make
your voice heard. Your concerns will be recorded and handed to the Dept.
of Energy at an official hearing in Chicago (on 2/1) for inclusion in
the official public comment on the environmental impacts of nuclear
waste transportation. For those of you who can make it to Chicago,
please do -- a large public turn out will make an impression on DOE.

Plutonium and democracy don't mix, and it's time for democracy to speak

Sponsored by WMU's Bertha Reynolds Society, World Tree Peace Center,
Nuclear Info. & Resource Service

For more information, call Kevin Kamps at (202) 328-0002 or e-mail

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